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Deaf Commercial, Creative Artist

Black Labrador Puppy by Louis Frisino. ©Louis Frisino

The next award-winning painting you purchase for display in your home may have been painted by the deaf artist Louis Frisino.

Who is Louis Frisino?

Born deaf in 1934, Frisino grew up with a love for art, attending the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, Md. After graduation, he attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. From there, he went on to work as a commercial artist at the News American but made his reputation in the deaf community as a creative artist.

Artistic Subjects Painted by Frisino

Frisino specializes in realistic nature subjects, such as fish, dogs and ducks. Among his numerous accomplishments:

  • Ducks - His work has competed in (and won) several Duck Stamp contests: Federal Duck Stamp (high scores in 1992, 1983 and 1977), Virginia Duck Stamp (1990), West Virginia Duck Stamp (1990), Alaska Duck Stamp (1990), North Carolina Duck Stamp (1989), North Dakota Duck Stamp (1988), New Jersey Duck Stamp (1987) and Maryland Duck Stamp (1976/77, 1986/87 and 1993/94).
  • Fish - Maryland Brook Trout Stamp (1993), North Dakota Salmon & Trout Stamp (1988), Maryland Trout Stamp (1993, 1979, 1978, 1977). He drew 45 different fish for the 1970 edition of Fishing in Maryland. His work also appeared in Tom Colfield’s book The Fisherman’s Guide to North America.
  • Dogs - His artwork was included in the 1986 Contemporary Labrador Retrievers Calendar and Book by Peggy Inger.
  • Waterfowl, Wildfowl and Turkeys - Ward Foundation World Championship Wildfowl Painting Competition (1986, 1988 and 1991). National Turkey Federation (1977, high score). Oregon Waterfowl Stamp (1991)

Additional Frisino accomplishments include: inclusion of his drawings in a book of decoys and use of his artwork for Christmas cards by the National Wildlife Federation (1976 & 1977).

Frisino can also be found in the book Who’s Who in Waterfowl Art by Ray Chapman. He has also won the acclaimed Peabody Award.

Frisino continues to exhibit in art festivals along the east coast, and his artwork can often be found for sale in art and specialty shops. Plus, he can be hired to paint drawings of personal pets using photographs.

Additional examples of Frisino's artwork can be found in the book Deaf Heritage, where there is a photograph of Frisino and eight of his wildlife drawings and paintings. Episode 310 of the television program "Deaf Mosaic" also featured Frisino. This video can be found online in the Gallaudet Video Catalog.

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