7 Perfect Gifts for Your Physical Therapist

If you have ever been to physical therapy and had a positive experience, then you may have been compelled to give your physical therapist a gift to express your gratitude. Sometimes, your course of rehab may progress through the Christmas or Hanukkah holiday, and you may wish to give your PT a gift. If your spouse or other family member is a physical therapist, having a few PT themed gift ideas on hand is always a good idea.

Here is a list of different items that most physical therapists would be happy to receive during the holidays or as a show of thanks. Remember, there are a few things you probably should AVOID giving, and some clinics do not allow their PTs to accept gifts. In that case, consider making a donation to your (or your therapist's) favorite charity in your PT's name.


Group exercise and rehabilitation class.
Physical therapy in a small group setting can have many benefits. Getty Images

 Your physical therapist is a movement expert who can help you restore functional mobility after injury or illness. To do this, your PT must keep in pretty good shape, and he or she is likely a fitness enthusiast.

If you suspect your PT is into keeping in tip top shape, consider fitness gear, like a technical shirt or a Fitbit, as a gift.



Use the Gaitometer app for real time feedback about your gait.
The Gaitometer app is used to measure asymmetry in your gait. Brett Sears, 2012

Most physical therapy clinics have some music playing in the background. This helps makes the PT experience a little better and can drown out the sound of multiple voices talking about range of motion or goniometers.

An iTunes gift card is a great present to give to your PT. He or she can use it to buy music or purchase a great PT-related app - like the Gaitometer or the iMuscle app - for their iPhone or iPad.



Photo of PT wall clock.
A physical therapy wall clock is a perfect gift to keep your PT on schedule. Cafepress.com

Your physical therapist typically keeps a tight schedule, moving from patient to patient on time each day. This physical therapy inspired wall clock at cafepress.com may be the perfect addition to the busy PT clinic.



Photo of a man wearing the TruPosture Smart Shirt
The TruPosture Smart Shirt can help you attain and maintain proper posture. AdelaHealth/ Alex Tostado

Once the patients are gone for the day in PT, you therapist will likely stick around to complete paperwork. This typically involves sitting at a desk or computer to document your progress in PT. Spending time at the desk may make keeping good posture difficult.

You should consider giving your PT the TruPosture Smart Shirt. This piece of wearable technology is pretty neat, helping to gently remind the user to sit or stand up with perfect posture.



Picture of an anatomy coffee mug.
Your PT may enjoy a cup of coffee in an anatomy-themed coffee mug. Cafepress.com

Many PT clinics open early in the morning, and your physical therapist may require a few cups of coffee to get going. He or she may also need a cup of Joe after lunch to make it through the afternoon.

A Physical Therapy themed coffee mug may be the perfect gift for  those PTs who are coffee aficionados. Some coffee mugs simply show that the user is a PT, and others may be quite "humerus."



You can find some great PT-themed T-shirts by searching the Internet, and one may make a great gift for you PT. Some are pretty funny like one that reads, "I'm a PT. What's your superpower?" Other shirts may simply indicate that the wearer is a physical therapist has the ability to help folks get moving after injury.


Muffins and Pastries

How does your PT continue working so hard each and every day? Here's an insider secret: there are usually a bunch of cookies or pastries in the break room at your local PT clinic. (Shh. Don't tell.)

A great gift for your PT (and his staff) is muffins and pastries from a local bakery. Better yet, consider giving the gift of homemade cookies or pastries.

Sometimes the best gift for your PT is to work hard and do your best to get up and going again after injury or illness. Your therapist would love to see you achieve the rehab goals you have set for yourself.

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