Perfect Sensory Ways to Touch Your Valentine

Man giving woman wildflowers in mountain meadow
Harry WIlliamson/ Spring Studio

Whether your Valentine is a sighted or visually-impaired person, you might like to know what sort of sensory gifts people with low vision love to receive, especially on Cupid’s day for lovers.

For most of us, there are 5 physical senses to stimulate our experience of life but the 5 ways a person who is blind or visually-impaired receive stimulation from the senses to heighten their enjoyment of life is a little different.

They highly value:

  • Texture
  • Sound
  • Fragrance
  • Taste
  • Touch (from the heart)

Knowing this, there are a myriad of possibilities to choose from. However, if your imagination is finding it hard to stretch outside the normal gift box of red roses and over- priced chocolates, try these tantalizing sensory gifts to woo your sweetheart.


Anything super-soft is made to melt your Valentine’s heart.

A cashmere scarf, for example, is one of the most divine sensory gifts in the world! Made from the fine hair of Pashmina goats, the wool is converted into an array of woven textiles and unbelievably soft yarns. Even a pair of gloves made from this superb fine wool feels like silk upon the hand.

Wearing something soft is not just for the ladies – treat your guy to a dreamily-indulgent cashmere sweater, hat, pair of socks or PJs. Imagine cuddling up to your Valentine – the pleasure will be mutual!

Would your Valentine prefer a lighter touch with silk and satin?

The obvious choice is a gift of lingerie which feels amazing as an undergarment to caress the skin. But consider gifting your Valentine a card with an invitation to spend your time (and money) in her or his favorite store to experience purchasing lingerie TOGETHER.

The pleasure is one of being inside a beautiful boudoir surrounded by sensory gifts galore!


Offer your Valentine a gift that can be truly enjoyed through a listening experience.

An audio book can be more relaxing to read than the print version because it can be enjoyed while reclined in a cosy bed or a bath with eyes closed. An audio book can also be absorbed while walking or driving, cooking or gardening, and, for even more pleasure, why not share the experience with your Valentine while sipping a glass or two of wine at the end of a long day?

Cupid may have a couple of music CD suggestions but how about going that one step further: Book a night out at a concert or cosy gig to immerse the senses in sound.

*Try  an audio described tour at an art gallery.

*Find a dazzling wind chime your love can hear outside their window

*or a charming music box. Whatever the sound, make it a sweet echo of how much you care.


Red roses are beautiful but did you know, they often look nicer than they smell?

For a memorable Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetheart to a real scent-sation.

Pure essential oils in aromatherapy creams, potions and lotions would be top of the fragrance list. A softly-scented moisturizer, heart-shaped soaps, aromatic foot salts and scented pillows can uplift your Valentine in ways other gifts may not.

A word of caution however, do be diligent to check the label: the product MUST be made with 100% pure essential plant oils or it is just a synthetic blend and likely to cause irritation. (Not your desired outcome.) This is true of scented candles too.

The most beautiful fragrances come from nature – so plan a sensory date with your Valentine.

  • A romantic walk along the sea shore, a bay or lake
  • a stroll through a forest, woodland or botanic garden
  • a tour around a boutique lavender farm
  • or any outdoor activity that brings you closer together


Tastefully woo your sweetheart by going straight to the heart of love with delicious food!

Chocolates may impress those who really do love sweet things but you can add a perfect touch of magic by giving a gift of home-baked goodies.

If cooking is not your forte, deliver a romantic message on a hand-written card to invite your Valentine out on a mystery ‘taste-date’ – the aromatic pleasure of food combined with its delicious flavours and rich textures ticks three of the sensory boxes above. Bon Appétit!


Keeping the best to last, the most perfect way to touch your Valentine is giving the gift of…YOU.

Showing your sweetheart how much you care doesn’t have to cost you any money at all. It is lovely to have a present bestowed on us on Cupid’s special day for lovers but consider the priceless gift only you can present to that special person in your life: your time, adoration and devotion to their sense of happiness.

THE most perfect gift you have to offer is ‘in your hands’ – literally.

Hold hands with the one you love, touch and cuddle to show your true affection, massage your love’s cares away.

By gifting your time and attention, you will draw your sweetheart even closer, make sense?

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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