Personality Tests for Stress Relief

Assessments and Personality Tests

What types of stress relievers work best for you? Learn more about your personality and needs, and find the techniques that will be the best fit!. Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

A very important component to stress relief is understanding your situation, seeing how your personality and habits may contribute to your overall stress level, and finding strategies to change what you can and bring less stress into your life. The following self-assessment and personality tests are designed to assess different aspects of your personal makeup and situation. They can be fun to take, but also may enable you to better understand yourself and your lifestyle so you can begin to make the best changes to reduce stress in your life.

The Stress Symptom Test

Some people process and cope with stress differently than others. Are you unsure what your stress symptoms are? This quiz will help you discover them. Perhaps the best way to stick with a stress relief habit is to choose the right one. And while there are many great stress relievers available, not all are a good match for every personality. This stress symptom test evaluates different aspects of your personality, including your strengths, weaknesses, and tastes, and points you to the best stress relievers for your particular personality traits, making it easier for you to find—and stay with—healthy new stress relief habits.

Take The Stress Management Anxiety Test

Most of us experience anxiety and worry about things at times, but at what point does it become excessive? This quick 10-question personality test can help you assess your level of anxiety and tendency to worry, so you can see if you're experiencing excessive levels of stress and anxiety.

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