Review: Personalizing Pilates Exercise MP3 Downloads

pilates for runners
Sample Pilates Exercises on MP3. courtesy of Personalizing Pilates

Personalizing Pilates has created downloadable audio Pilates exercise instructions in MP3 format for many topics from Pilates and osteoporosis all the way to Pilates and running. These routines are simple and easy to follow, yet provide exercises that are appropriate and effective for each topic.

If you find MP3 to be a convenient way to learn, the MP3 selection at Personalizing Pilates is worth knowing about.

 Sample Pilates exercise titles include: stress relief, posture improvement, pre-natal, post-natal, runners, golf and many more.

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What You Get from Personalizing Pilates MP3 Downloads

  • You will find that 14 different Pilates-based routines are available as MP3 downloads
  • The prices are in Canadian dollars. US conversion is made at checkout
  • The prices depend on the length of the routine
  • The times for the routines are in a range from 14 minutes to 38 minutes long


  • The audio exercise instructions are accompanied by written PDF docs with photos
  • The site offers a wide variety of Pilates on MP3 workouts for different interests
  • The site offers free samples
  • The instruction is clear
  • The downloads are affordable and convenient


  • Repetitive music and imagery are used, you may get bored with them over time.
  • Some exercises are repeated too many times

Expert Review: Pilates Exercise MP3s from Personalizing Pilates

I tried the Personalizing Pilates programs for posture, osteoporosis, and computer hunchback.

I enjoyed the sample exercises chosen for each topic, and found these simple routines to be presented in a balanced way. Instructor, Sherry Lowe-Bernie's teaching style is slow and clear, and she makes good use of imagery - something I like a lot. A few times, the slower teaching style backfired for me and a few of the exercises went on a little too long.

But you can always take a break or use them to build endurance.

In addition to the basic routines on the MP3s, the supplemental materials are helpful. Have you ever wished someone would simply talk you through finding and activating your core muscles, especially the transversus abdominis, in the comfort of your own home? Personalizing Pilates sends you a free abdominal activation MP3 along with along with whatever MP3 download you buy. Sherry Lowe-Bernie does a great job of helping you find a neutral pelvis and then activating your deep abs with the breath. I also appreciate that the abdominal activation comes separately so that you don't have to go through the whole thing every time you do one of the MP3 routines.

The PDFs with written instructions and photos that come with the MP3 exercises are truly a useful addition. They help you make sure you are doing the exercises correctly, and provide quick reminders of the programs if you want to do them on your own. I think having the computer hunchback PDF on ones computer desktop would be smart for a lot of us! Overall, these MP3s are offered as a well designed package.

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