Philips Avent Natural Bottle Review

The Basics

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The Philips AVENT Natural Bottle comes in two sizes 9 ounces and 4 ounces. This is a 100% BPA free plastic. (Though they also make a glass version.) The new design has an ergonomic grip, a twin vent as a colic fighting design and has a minimum number of pieces.

More about the Philips Avent Natural Bottle

This baby bottle has been designed to feed babies who are breastfeeding or who are exclusively formula fed.

That said, the intent was to design a bottle that would allow a baby to go from breast to bottle without a lot of fuss for mom, dad, grandma or anyone else feeding the baby. Avent has tried to address this with the petals around the nipple. If you have every used a Avent breast pump, these petals will be familiar to you. Most babies seem to have no issues with the petals, but no matter what advertising says, nipples on bottles are not nipples on breasts, some babies will always have trouble with some nipples, potentially these are well.

The new bottles biggest complaint so far has been that they do no fit well will all existing Avent products. The most notable will be the sippy cup handles. Though the best news is that with the pump adaptor, you are able to pump breast milk directly into this bottle. That can be a real book for a pumping mom as it can save you a lot of time.

Most mothers I talked to about this bottle did not have issues with leaking.

This was really great news. The only exception was one mother who said that when she shook the bottle vigorously to mix formula it would leak around the nipple. So, this seems to be preventable with other mixing methods. It is also always a good idea to avoid over tightening any bottle lid.

The venting system also seems to work really well.

The nipple does not collapse as noted with many other bottle systems. This also prevents colic, gas and leaking milk.

One thing our reviewers said over and over was how much they loved the wide neck mouth. This was something that made it easy to clean and easy to pour. One mom said she would always lose a bit of breast milk when transferring to her old bottles, but that stopped when moving to this bottle. The plastic also does not retain smells and comes clean easily.

The short, squat bottle felt good in the hands of the reviewers. Those with older babies reported that they were able to hold the bottle as well. That said, there was a bit of issue with the bottle fitting into bottle warmers. Though, there was no issue with fitting into diaper bags, strollers or car cup holders.

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