Photos of Commonly Abused Drugs

Illegal and Prescription Drug Photo Galleries

Marijuana bud. DEA

If you found illegal drugs in your child's room, would you be able to recognize them? Would you know the difference between harmless allergy medication and dangerous stimulants or sedatives?

The pages below are photo galleries of the most commonly abused illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Not all cocaine looks the same. It comes in several different shapes and forms and is packaged differently according to the quantity being shipped or sold.

Ecstasy (MDMA)
Because ecstasy tablets are manufactured illegally, they are found in many different colors and stamped with varying logos.

The problem with identifying heroin by sight is that it looks like many household products.

Marijuana appears differently depending on its stage of development, ranging from the growing plant to the rolled-up joint.

Most methamphetamine is homemade in illegal laboratories and appears in powder or crystalized form, but it can also come in pills.

Sedatives and Depressants
Dozens of different sleeping pills and tranquilizers are on the market that can be abused and become addictive.

Stimulants and Amphetamines
From medications used to lose weight to those which treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, stimulants are a popular drug of abuse.

Is Your Child Using Drugs?

If your child is using drugs or alcohol, chances are they are doing everything they can to cover up that activity.

Would you know if your child was using drugs? Answering these questions might help you determine if some of the tell-tell signs of substance abuse are showing up in your home and your child's behavior.

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