Physical Development

Toddler playing with toys
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You might hear a health care professional or child care provider talk about your toddler's physical development. This term encompasses both fine motor and gross motor skills as well as whole body movement and sometimes even growth.

Your toddler's health care provider will be concerned with not only where your child lands on a growth chart, but also if he's doing all the things that are typical for his age.

During a well child visit, for example, she will take your child's measurements as well as ask you questions about what your child is doing like walking, playing with a ball or using a crayon. She may also perform certain simple tests to see where your child is developmentally. If there seem to be developmental delays, she may refer you to a child development specialist for a more comprehensive developmental assessment.

A child care provider will mostly be concerned with the development of your child's fine motor or gross motor skills. Child care providers can be very in tune with what is typical development and alert you to areas of concern. Centers may sometimes perform assessments to let you know how your toddler's physical development is progressing and to aid in programming appropriate activities.

Also Known As: Physical Development

Examples: My son's physical development is right where it should be according to his teachers at the child care center.

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