Product Review: Physicians Formula Concealer Twins

Physicians Formula Concealer Twins 2-in-1 Correct and Cover Green

Physicians Formula Concealer Twins
Physicians Formula Concealer Twins. Photo © Angela Palmer

I must admit, I spend way too long in the bargain makeup aisle at my local Target store.  It's because I love makeup but loathe to spend money on it.  Brands like Mac and Smashbox, forget it!  But the price of Physicians Formula is right up my alley.

And since I'm always on the lookout for a great concealer, the Physicians Formula Concealer Twins quickly grabbed my attention. 


  • It's two acne concealer products for the price of one.  One side contains green concealer for toning down red pimples and those annoying red marks pimples leave behind when they heal.  The other side is a skin-toned concealer.
  • The tube is small and slender, making it convenient to stash in your purse or bag.
  • Did I mention it's inexpensive?  It costs just under $10.


  • The concealer coverage is a bit light.  I'd prefer it had more concealing power. 
  • If you don't have a light complexion, you're out of luck.  It's nearly impossible to find in darker shades.
  • The wand seems a bit unhygienic -- it goes on your pimple, back into the tube, and back onto your skin the next day.  Who knows what's growing in there after a few weeks of this?


  • Double-wand tube with green correcting color and skin-tone concealer
  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and noncomedogenic
  • Contains SPF 10

Guide Review of Physicians Formula Concealer Twins 2-in-1 Correct and Cover

I was excited to find the Physicians Formula Concealer Twins product. It has everything you need to cover up those annoyingly red pimples in just one tube.

One side holds the green color corrector wand.

Just a tiny dab helps to tone down redness. The other side of the tube is a skin-toned concealer. Apply over the green corrector to hide pimples.

The two-in-one tube is perfect to carry in your purse for those quick touch-ups. I also liked the small price tag. At just around $10 it's a great fit for almost any budget, and you won't be devastated if it gets lost or falls from your bag.

On the down side, the coverage you get from the concealer is quite light.  I needed several touch-ups throughout the day and I never felt like it completely hid my blemishes hidden.

Also, I wasn't able to find this concealer in any shades other than light and medium.  Does this product even come in darker shades?  If it does, I couldn't find it.

All in all, I thought it a decent product though not amazing.  It's easy to carry in my purse so I always have something on hand for those surprise pimples that pop up at inopportune times.

The Bottom Line

An OK product at a fabulous price.

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