Piano for Children

Whether or not your child shows an inclination toward a love of music, it is a good idea to encourage an interest in music and playing an instrument. Playing an instrument has several benefits, including relieving stress and teaching discipline. The piano is an instrument that many children enjoy learning to play.

Buying a Piano

Buying a Piano

Instruments are expensive and therefore quite an investment. Unlike many instruments your child might learn, it's not so easy to just rent a piano. If your child is ready for piano lessons and you are ready to buy a piano, you will want to consider carefully your different options and learn all you can about pianos.

  • Types of Pianos
  • A piano is a piano is a piano, right? No! There are actually several different types of pianos. There's more to knowing about piano types than just knowing about grands and uprights.
  • Should you get a grand or an upright? Compare the two to know which is best for your family.
  • Once you have decided buying on a piano, you'll want some advice on buying one so you'll make the best possible decision.
  • Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Piano
    Pianos are expensive so you might want to consider buying a used one. Before you buy a used one, though, be sure you're aware of the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Accoustic pianos are the pianos most people think of when they think about pianos. They are the ones that have strings. Don't all pianos have strings? No. DIgital pianos are more like keyboards in that they use electronics to reproduce piano sounds.

Piano and Keyboard Reviews

Close up of Piano Keys
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Even once you have decided that you want to buy a piano and know which type of piano you want, you might still want to check out some reviews to see what others have said about different types, brands, and models. If you aren't quite ready for a full piano, consider a keyboard. Children can begin learning the basics of the piano on a keyboard before they move up to a full piano. For older children, you might want to consider the kind of music your child would like to play before deciding on a piano or keyboard.

  • Pianoreviews.org
    This site provides reviews on many different piano brands and types. It's a good place to take a look before you go out to buy.
  • Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano- Review
    This is a children's keyboard and although it doesn't have a full keyboard, children can learn the basics, and you can tell if your child would be interested enough for you to invest in a bigger keyboard or a full piano. My son's first keyboard when he was two was more of a toy that this keyboard and he later went on to study music theory in college.

Piano Methods and Music for Kids

Sheet Music for Kids
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Once you have a piano or keyboard for your child, you'll want to invest in some piano methods books.  Of course, your child will need a piano teacher and it is likely that the teacher will have specific methods books for your child to use.  Once your child has learned to play the piano, you'll want to get some piano music just for kids. My son loved a child's version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy.

Tips to Help Children Play the Piano

Piano Lessons for Children
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There is more to playing the piano than learning the notes and the keys. Here are some tips to help your child do his or her best.