Picking the Best Pen for Someone With Arthritis

A Comfortable Pen Can Make Writing Less Painful

Pilot Dr. Grip pen

Writing can be a stressful and painful task for people who have lost manual dexterity due to conditions that affect the hands, fingers, thumbs, or wrists, such as arthritis (especially rheumatoid arthritis), basal joint arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or tenosynovitis.

Stress on the fingers, hands, and wrists can be reduced by choosing an ergonomic, arthritis-friendly pen. If you enjoy journaling or if you do a lot of writing, a comfortable pen is essential.

Keeping an arthritis journal has shown many positive benefits, not the least of which is helping you cope with your disease.

Features to Consider When Picking the Best Pen for You

When choosing a pen, you should consider: 

  • comfort (i.e., how the pen fits your hand, weight of the pen, overall feel)
  • an ergonomic design (pens that improve manual dexterity and reduce writing fatigue)
  • grip (wide-barrel pens can improve grip)
  • ease-of-use (roller ball pens are favored by many people because of how they glide on the paper, minimizing the pressure which must be applied)
  • price

The Bottom Line

This probably sounds trivial to most people. After all, a pen is a pen, right? Wrong. A pen that doesn't fit your hand well or that doesn't glide across the paper adds burden to your finger joints and wrist. You want a pen that is easy to grasp and makes writing seem effortless. Pay attention to grip and glide. When you find a pen you love, buy several.

Good pens seem to disappear. Stock up. 

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