Feeding Twins - Pictures of Feeding Two Babies at the Same Time

Feeding Twins Using Bouncy Seats

Bottlefeeding Twins. Gina Zolfarelli Negd

Gina feeds her three-month-old twins simultaneously using bouncy seats. "I used to do it this way. I also used to place them in their car seats side by side in front of me on the coffee table and feed them that way too."

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Feeding Both Twins with One Hand

Feeding two twins at the same time. Sam Cunningham

Sam can feed both of her babies with one hand! "I used to sit them both on a bean bag or in their bouncy chairs either side of me. To burp them, I would sit with my knees pulled up and have them on either knee, head on my shoulder and pat them at the same time. In the morning, I just prop them up with a pillow and sit in front of them." 

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Breast Feeding and Bottle Feeding Twins Together

Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding Simultaneously. Sam Cunningham

Both breastfeeding and bottle feeding have benefits and challenges. When feeding twins, sometimes it works to use a combination approach. Sam illustrates her technique for alternating breast feeding and bottle feeding. She nurses one baby while simultaneously giving the other baby a bottle.  

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Using Pillows and Props to Feed Twins

Feeding Twins at the Same Time. Kerry Menne

Kerry is a mom of twin girls. They were four months old in this picture (2 1/2 months adjusted age). She was fortunate to have a helper to feed her twins, her sister Hollie. "This is my sister feeding my girls. It turns out I have no photos of me doing this. I had a co-sleeper against the sofa with each girl in a boppy. I would burp one across my lap and one over my shoulder. It was the only way I could make it work."

How a Dad Feeds Twins

Dad bottle feeds two twins at the same time. David Hollis

This is how a Dad does it! David Hollis demonstrates his technique for feeding six-week-old twin babies. He utilized pillows to support the babies and his arms while resting the babies' heads in his lap. This strategy allows for comfortable seating, and a natural, cuddly position for the babies. The babies are identical girls, born weighing 4 lbs. and 4 lbs. 12 oz. at week 36 + 4 days.

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