Pictures of Premature Babies

Pictures of Premature Babies and Kids

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If you've never been inside a NICU, it can be hard to imagine how tiny preemies really are. Because there's so much equipment and because they're so small, it's sometimes scary to see a baby in the NICU. For parents, it can be just as hard to try to picture your newborn preemie as a toddler or a young child. So many loving families have sent in stories and pictures of their babies that I felt like it was time to organize them into a photo gallery to help my readers see what preemies really look like, at birth and as they grow. Happy viewing!

Preemies Born at 23 Weeks

Picture of Zaydenn, a baby born at 23 weeks
Zaydenn loves his mom!. Image courtesy of mom Andrea

Babies born at 23 weeks are at the very limits of survivability, but many babies born so early survive with few long-term complications from their early birth. Now 2 years old, the baby boy pictured above weighed only 1 lb 6 oz at birth. Read his story here.

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Babies Born at 24 Weeks

Picture of Eloise, a preemie born at 24 weeks
Such a sweet bow. Image courtesy of mom Kristin

Premature babies born at 24 weeks of pregnancy are born 16 weeks early - that's 4 months early! Eloise, pictured above, was born at 24 weeks after her mom had severe preeclampsia.

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Premature Babies Born at 25 Weeks

Picture of a preemie born at 25 weeks.
Big, beautiful brown eyes. Image courtesy of mom Alejandra

Babies born 15 weeks early are at risk for many complications of prematurity, and Sofia, pictured above, went through most of them. She's home from the NICU now with her adoring family.

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Premature Infants Born at 26 Weeks

Preemie pic 26 weeks
Wearing a mask to protect her eyes from phototherapy lights. Image courtesy of mom China Albarran

By 26 weeks, babies are fully formed and look like perfect, miniature babies. They are very early, but most babies born at this gestational age survive to NICU discharge. Pictured above, April Jevette is a miracle baby born after her mom had 4 miscarriages.

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Preemies Born at 27 Weeks

premature baby picture 27 weeks
Adorable dimples and a beautiful smile. Image courtesy of mom steffiep

Babies born in the 7th month of pregnancy are very small when they're born, and it can be scary to see them with all of the NICU equipment. As the baby pictured above shows, they grow up to be just as chubby and adorable as babies born at term.

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Premature Babies Born at 28 Weeks

preemie photo 28 weeks
Chloe and her brother Logan. Image courtesy chloe03

Having a troubled pregnancy is scary, especially when it ends with rupture of membranes (PPROM) at 25 weeks and an emergency c-section 3 months early. Chloe, above, worried her family in the beginning but is doing well now and should come home from the NICU soon.

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Preemies Born at 30 Weeks

premature baby photo 30 weeks
Sebastian, Born at 30 Weeks. Image courtesy Mindy Roth

The care of premature babies has changed remarkably over the last half century, including the discovery that giving a pregnant mom steroids could help her premature baby's lungs to develop faster. Although he was born more than 10 years ago, Sebastian, pictured above, received steroids before birth and was breathing on his own within just a few hours.

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Infants Born at 31 Weeks

Picture of Ethan, born at 31 weeks.
Such a sweet face!. Image courtesy katiejane1980

Most pregnancies go smoothly, but some moms experience serious health problems during their pregnancies. Ethan, pictured above, was born 9 weeks early due to a dangerous condition called HELLP syndrome.

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Premature Babies Born at 32 Weeks

Picture of 32 week twins
Such sweet matching outfits!. Image courtesy of twin mom.

Finding out you're pregnant with twins or other multiples is an overwhelming experience. Preparing for two or more babies takes a lot of planning and equipment - more clothing, more car seats, more high chairs - more of everything! Having multiples also takes more prenatal care since the risk of premature birth for twins and multiples is higher than for singleton pregnancies. Kaitlyn and Leanne, pictured above, were born early due to complications from their multiple birth.

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Preemies Born at 33 Weeks

Picture of Aelis, a baby born at 33 weeks.
This little miracle had a scary birth. Image courtesy of mom Jillian

There are many different causes of premature birth, or reasons why a baby might be born early. In some cases, premature labor and birth are abrupt and scary. Aelis Rhayne's birth was scary and dangerous for both mom and baby, but this little miracle is home now with her family.

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Preemie Babies Born at 34 Weeks

Picture of a 34 week preemie on CPAP
Natalie Renee on CPAP. Image courtesy beckymac77

Babies born at 34 weeks or later are called late preterm babies. They may look like full term babies and be almost as big, but they often still have some health problems related to prematurity. Learning to eat is sometimes their biggest challenge, and parents need a lot of patience as they wait for their baby to get strong enough to breastfeed or bottle feed well. Natalie Renee, pictured above, was in the NICU for almost 2 weeks before she came home.

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Premature Infants Born at 35 Weeks

Picture of a 35 week premie.
Late preterm baby born at 35 weeks. Image courtesy ibschrones

Many premature babies aren't able to eat right away, and need to be fed with IV fluids before they can begin milk feedings. Because they can't nurse right away, breastfeeding a premature baby can be challenging. The mom of the baby born at 35 weeks pictured above knew that it was important for her to breastfeed, and started pumping for her baby right away.

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Babies Born at 36 Weeks

Picture of a 36 week preemie with his big sister.
Nolan and his big sister, who was also a preemie. Image courtesy Beckymac77

If you've had a premature baby, you may be worried about your chances of having another preemie if you get pregnant again. Nolan Michael, pictured above, was born 2 weeks later than his 34-week big sister thanks to bedrest and careful prenatal care.

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