For Cute Yoga and Pilates Workout Wear, Try Hyde Yoga

A Review of Hyde's Divine Drawstring Yoga Pant and Trieger Tank

The child’s pose in yoga.
The child’s pose in yoga. Hero Images/Getty Images

Synthetic fabric is a popular medium for workout clothes, but nothing beats the feel of cotton. It's soft and moves with me all day in a way that synthetic fabric doesn't. Sure, cotton doesn't dry as quickly or wick moisture away like some new, high-tech synthetics, so if your Pilates or yoga practice makes you sweat like crazy, maybe cotton isn't for you. But if your workout is on the moderate side, there is a lot to be said for the totally natural feel of cotton - with a tiny bit of spandex, of course - which brings me to Hyde Yoga's mostly organic cotton workout clothes.

The yoga pants and tops by Hyde Yoga are a bit young and trendy, but in an organic kind of way without being too granola. It feels a little silly to add that Hyde Yoga's styles are casual - isn't "casual" implied in the term "workout clothes?" Some workout clothes are very structured and feel almost formal compared to Hyde's simple style. Case in point: the Divine Drawstring Yoga Pant and Trieger Tank Top. These easy-to-wear, everyday workout clothes have the right amount of hipness, and the color choices are clear, vibrant and taken from nature's palette. My favorite.

About Hyde Yoga Workout Wear

The Divine drawstring pant features a lightweight 92 percent cotton, 8 percent spandex blend that makes these pants perfect for Pilates and yoga. The pants are hip huggers, which is a welcomed feature. Think about how many Pilates and yoga poses make you worry about your underwear peeking out of your pants.

Not with these. The pants don't have a side seam and the hem is just a purl edge. The overall look is no-fuss chic. I went up a size in these pants and they fit perfectly while hugging my curves. The Divine Drawstring Pant retails for approximately $70 and comes in a variety of colors.

I can't summarize an entire line of workout clothes based on a pair of pants and a top, but a look around the company's website adds to my feeling that their target audience may be a little younger and trimmer than me.

I got a size medium in the Trieger tank because I'm always a medium, but the tank was way too small. Even though it was too snug, I still really like it. The Trieger tank retails for around $50.

I can't help but think that though the spelling is different, there is a play on "animal hide" here - the clothes feel a lot like a comfy second skin. Hyde reports that it is a socially conscious company. Their products are produced in a sweat shop-free environment and the fabrics are mostly made from organic fibers.

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