Expert Review of Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge DVD

Pilates Isn't Just for Women

The Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge.
The Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge. YouTube

Gentlemen: if you're looking for a program that will help you get in shape, the "Pilates for Men" DVD workout could be your ticket. This fusion Pilates workout was designed for men and by men, and it incorporates an exercise ball, resistance band, and mat work for a real workout. There's plenty of variety to keep you interested, and unless you're already in tiptop shape, this program will remain a challenge.

Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge DVD Fast Facts


  • Three discs with about 30 minute workouts each: mat, resistance band and ball
  • Produced by Pilates Sports Center
  • Available to stream or purchase as a DVD at Pilates Sports Center


  • Workouts deliver on "challenge" promise
  • Offers Pilates on a level that leaves room for participants to develop
  • Option to work out without verbal cues
  • Will build sculpted muscles


  • An approach not in keeping with some of Joseph Pilates basic directives
  • Military-like style could limit appeal
  • Not appropriate for beginners or those with low levels of fitness
  • Music has a heavy quality

Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge DVD Expert Review

"Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge" is the most macho Pilates DVD I have ever tried. There are two men demonstrating the exercises. They are ripped. They don't smile. They do lots of repetitions of exercises such as the push up. The instructor says things like "I know your muscles are burning right now, but don't stop."

Meanwhile heavy rock music plays in the background, which makes it hard for me to move through the workouts (though I grew up rocking out). Part of what we have here is a gender gap, a generation gap, and a Pilates culture gap. These DVDs are obviously not made for me and that's OK.

"Pilates for Men 10-20-30 Challenge" seems to be for the guys who like a tough workout delivered in a tough way.

And I know you guys are out there. I like a tough workout, but I like a certain amount of flow and levity to keep me going. This is more along the lines of football practice, as my guy, who I brought in for perspective, said. I'm not faulting "Pilates for Men" for that. I hear Joseph Pilates was a fairly gruff guy himself. Just be forewarned.

What I do feel a little concerned about is that I think these workouts are repetitive and may be lacking some important subtleties of Pilates. Sometimes an exercise is done with a lot of reps and then it is repeated again with just a little variation to it. I feel "Pilates for Men" cozies up a little close to the "mindless calisthenics repeated ad nauseam" Joseph Pilates warned against. I'm also disappointed that the spinal suppleness and flexibility exercises that make Pilates so well-rounded in fitness are missing from this DVD. To me, a real Pilates workout goes for deeper core work as well as ripped abs.

The Bottom Line

I appreciate the variety in this DVD set. Using the ball and resistance band keeps things interesting while adding a stability challenge. I'm not sure where "Pilates for Men" stands on the Pilates scale, but the workouts will build muscle, challenge your entire body, and help you achieve a hard-body look if that's what you're after.

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