Pilates Teacher Certification Programs

Prepare for Certification With Pilates Instructor Training Programs

This list of Pilates instructor programs is meant to give you a place to start your research of comprehensive (mat and equipment) Pilates training programs that prepare one for certification. I've listed just 10 sample programs that are large, respected, and widely available in the U.S. and internationally. This is not an endorsement and I don't want to imply that bigger is better. The idea is to provide reference points so that you can learn what to expect from a Pilates program that prepares one for certification.

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Notes on Education for Certification Programs

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Pilates teacher training programs vary a lot in their structure. Most are oriented toward the working adult and make use of intensive sessions with breaks in between. How those sessions are structured over time is different for each program so it is worth looking around to find a program that fits your needs.

Another important consideration at the teacher training level is whether or not you want to pursue classical or contemporary training. These terms are often used to distinguish between traditional training that adheres strictly to what Joseph Pilates taught (classical); or training that incorporates new techniques and developments in exercise science (contemporary).

Commitment and Costs

All of the programs listed below have prerequisites that must be complete before you begin the program. Some are quite extensive -- up to a year of previous study and an exam before you start -- and some are minimal, as little as 30 hours of previous Pilates experience. In addition, the classroom hours I quote do not include varying apprentice and independent observation hours.

The costs of all but two (noted below) of the programs do include both mat work and all equipment, but some include more extensive equipment training than others. Almost all offer payment plans or the option to study in modules over time. Many of these programs have additional fees for application, study materials and exams.

Hours: 500
Style: Contemporary Pilates
Approximate Cost: 3,500
Notes: This training is offered in modules that can be taken independently over time.

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Hours: 500 hrs.
Style: Contemporary Pilates
Approximate Cost: $3,900
Program Notes: Training is offered over a 3-6 month period, and can last between 3 and 6 intensive weekends depending on the dates/location.

BASI stands for Body Arts and Sciences International. It was founded by Rael Isacowitz.

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Hours: 500
Style: Classical Pilates
Cost: $4,500
Program Notes: 6 intensive weekends plus monthly review meetings.

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Peak Pilates

Hours: 452
Style: Contemporary Pilates
Approximate Cost: $4,300
Program Notes: Program is divided into 3 levels. Each level covers mat and equipment with increasing depth.

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Style: Contemporary Pilates
Cost: $2,700
Program Notes: mat certification is separate and a prerequisite.

The Physical Mind Institute also offers Standing Pilates Certification.
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452 minimum
Style: Contemporary Pilates
Cost: 5,000
Program Notes: Polestar has a strong rehabilitative component to their educational training.

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Hours: 424
Style: Classical Pilates
Cost: $4,000
Program Notes: Offered as 4 weekend intensives with 16 weekly meetings.

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Romana's Pilates

Hours: 600
Style: Classical Pilates
Cost: $5,750
Program Notes: Romana Kryzanowska is a Pilates elder, meaning that she trained directly with Joseph Pilates, and was considered one of Joseph Pilates' closest students. This is one of the most traditional classical Pilates training programs.

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Hours: 500
Style: Contemporary/Fletcher
Approximate Cost: $9,000
Program Notes:A year-long program that includes training, like Fletcher towel work and percussive breathing.

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Time Commitment: 310
Style: Contemporary Pilates
Approximate Cost: $2,175
Program Notes: Comprehensive certification is mat and reformer. Other equipment is another 165 hour program

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