10 Pilates and Yoga Must-Haves for Women

Choosing From All the Yoga Options

Collage by Laura Williams

With yoga and Pilates, the question about gear isn't so much, "what?" (I mean, yoga pants - right?), but "which?" The industry has exploded, which means there are seemingly endless options when it comes to purchasing yoga apparel. If you're looking to get started, look no further than this list - it'll have you well on your way to a built-out yoga wardrobe.

A High Quality Mat


Your yoga practice rises and falls (literally) from your yoga mat, which means you want a good one. This prAna Henna E.C.O yoga mat ($50) is the perfect solution. It's made of non-toxic TPE and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It has a 4-millimeter thickness for excellent cushioning support, closed-cell construction to keep germs from integrating into the mat, and a textured surface for excellent grip.

Hot Yoga Shorts


While a standard yoga practice might do well with crops or full-length leggings, a hot yoga practice needs shorts. Trust me, you want as much air flow as possible. The Stonewear Hot Yoga Short ($50) is the perfect solution. You can adjust the shorts' length with the drawstring at the side, and the gusset is line with moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, they're adorable - who wouldn't want a pair?

A Great Sports Bra

Graced by Grit

Most women can get by with low-to-medium support bra tops when doing yoga or Pilates, but that doesn't mean you should wear your everyday bra to the studio. Go ahead and invest in a high-quality, wicking sports bra, like the Graced by Grit Seamless Adjustable Cami Bra ($36) It's incredibly soft and comfortable, and the adjustable straps make it easy to get the perfect fit.

A Zen-ful Graphic Tee

Be Love

How could you not love this "Truth Rising" tee from Be Love ($48)? It may not be made out of technical fabric, but for a low-key meditative yoga class, it'll help put you in the right state of mind.

Cute, Strappy Close-Fitting Tanks

Cozy Orange

With all the options in yoga apparel these days, you want to stand out. Look for technical apparel with moisture wicking capabilities that offers something more - interesting straps, see-through mesh patterning, or unexpected cut outs. Cozy Orange offers lots of yoga tops that fall into these categories, but if you're not quite ready to get too crazy, start with the fun and flattering Piper Yoga Tank ($48).

Sexy Yoga Pants

Booty by Brabants

Yoga pants sometimes seem like a dime a dozen - you've seen one pair you've seen them all, right? Wrong. There are lots of new companies popping up with surprises up their sleeves. Booty by Brabants is a brand I recently fell in love with ($65) - the "one size fits all" claim may seem misleading, but I think it's probably true. The leggings are designed from a material with a textured fabric that stretches to cover the longest legs and the biggest booties. As a 6'0" woman with some curves, I give this brand two thumbs up for flexible fit. That said, be careful what color underwear you wear underneath - I'd stick to nude. While I wouldn't qualify these as "see through" in the sense that someone could discern your skin through the fabric, contrasting panties can be visible.

And More Sexy Yoga Pants


Well, you can't stop at just one pair, can you? Every yogini's closet should have a good pair of black leggings and a few pairs of bright and colorful ones. I put in a vote for these gorgeous Gabi Leggings ($75) from prAna.

Moisture-Wicking Panties

Knock Out! Smart Panties

Yep, that's right. Don't settle for everyday underroos when you're heading to mid-day yoga class. The Knock Out! Smart Panties ($19) will take you smoothly from work to workout to errands while keeping you dry and odor-free. The patented cotton liner really will absorb everything!

A Comfy Coverup


After your yoga or Pilates class is over, throw on a long-sleeve, but lightweight and airy coverup to keep you warm. prAna's Vinyasa Hoodie ($70) is the perfect combination of comfort and style.

Post-Workout Sandals


Instead of stripping off your shoes and socks at the studio, leaving a foot smell behind, keep a pair of sandals available to take you to and from the studio. Sanuk's Yoga Sling 2 ($36) features a yoga mat footbed, a wide variety of colors and styles, and a comfy stretch knit upper that feels like a hug for your foot. You'll probably want several pairs.

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