Pink Ribbon Roundup: Shopping to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Buy It Pink for Donations to Research

Every October, during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can dress yourself from head to toe in items that will generate donations for research and patient support. You can even deck out your kitchen, or serve your guests with pink ribbon products! Here's a great selection of items that raise awareness and raise funds at the same time. Happy shopping!

Rumba Time Breast Cancer Pink Watch - $20

Rumba Time Pink Watch
Rumba Time Pink Watch. Photo © Rumba Time

Keep good time and benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with this pink Rumba Time watch. Year round, Rumba Time will give 20% of all proceeds from the sale of this watch to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But during October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - 40% of your purchase will be donated! This ultra light weight watch slides on with a silicone band that comes in three sizes. You can wear it during sports, yard work, swimming and surfing, because it is water resistant. Rumba Time supports several charities, and when they found out about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, they designed this watch exclusively to benefit this organization.


Pink Ribbon Oreos for the Cause - $21.99

Pink Ribbon Oreos in Dark Chocolate
Pink Ribbon Oreos in Dark Chocolate. Photo © Sweet Signatures

You know, of course, that dark chocolate is good for you. Eleven Oreo cookies are dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with pink ribbons and sprinkles and they are so pretty you will want to gift these to many friends (I'll take a box!). The ladies at Sweet Signatures are making these, and many other pink ribbon awareness gifts. During October, Sweet Signatures will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. However, throughout the year, a portion of the proceeds are still donated -- so Sweet Signatures is always giving back.

Whistle Up Some Pink Tea

Pink Ribbon Kettle
Pink Ribbon Kettle. Photo © Shop KitchenAid

Here's a stainless steel kettle that will last a very long time – while it sports a pink silicone handle in honor of breast cancer awareness. KitchenAid designed this kettle to heat quickly and evenly, and to whistle when the water has come to a boil. Talk about easy to clean – stainless steel washes well time after time, and still looks beautiful. For every kettle sold, KitchenAid makes a $6.00 donation to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Slinky Pinky SPIbelt - $19.95

SpiBelt Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon
SpiBelt Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon, Limited Edition. Photo © Overton Enterprises, LLC

If your mom carries a gym bag or a purse the size of an overnight suitcase, she might enjoy a slinky little SPIbelt. SPI just stands for Small Personal Items - like keys, cell phone, change, your iPod, or energy gel packs. And if she would not mind supporting The Cause, she should know that a purchase of the limited edition Susan Komen SPIbelt generates a donation. These SPIbelts fit waists from  24" to 40" and larger, and efficiently carry just the items that you must have on your body during a jog, a mall walk, or a fast trip to the coffee shop.


Sweet Sally's Tasty Treats - $24 t0 $30

Sweet Sally's Layers of Love Cookies
Sweet Sally's Layers of Love Cookies. Photo © Sweet Sally's

For the raspberry and chocolate lovers, these Layers of Love cakes are available only during October. Hidden between slices of sponge cake, sweet raspberry jam tempts you to take another bite. All of Sweet Sally's baked goods are Kosher Certified, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. If the Layers of Love aren't your choice of goodie, then try the Pink and White cookies instead. Either way, you can get these treats packed in a very nice gift tin or a white bakery box.


Pink Aero 10 ArmPocket - $4.98 to $22.95

Pink ArmPocket Aero 10
Pink ArmPocket Aero 10. Photo © ArmPocket Enterprises

Roomy, soft, and comfortable, an ArmPocket can go along with you when you run for the cure, do a triathlon, or a fundraising marathon. The Pink Aero 10 ArmPocket has 10 cubic inches of storage space in three interior pockets and one outside slip-in pocket. Two armbands can be sized from 10 - 16 inches, to fit your upper arm. You can safely keep your cell phone, MP3 player, cash, keys, and small snacks in this water-resistant pink or purple accessory. Made from recycled materials and soft natural bamboo rayon, the ArmPocket goes anywhere you want to go.  Armpocket Enterprises will donate 10% of the purchase price of Pink Aero 10 ArmPockets to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Avon Breast CancerCrusade Watch - $15.00

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Watch
Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Watch. Photo © Avon Foundation

Avon’s slim, stylish silver-toned watch has a pink imitation crocodile strap, pink pearlescent face and silver-edged pink ribbon at 12 o’clock. 100% of the net profits ($10.54) will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Each product comes with a free Breast Health Resource Guide.


Trudeau Mist Hydrator or Travel Tumbler - $9.05 to $15.00

Trudeau Mist Hydrator and Travel Tumbler
Trudeau Mist Hydrator and Travel Tumbler. Photo © Trudeau Corporation

Trudeau supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this year by donating 5% of net sales for a selection of pink tumblers and kitchenware. The Mist Hydrator bottle cools you off inside and out and comes in magenta, BCRF pink, and green. The Sablier Travel Tumbler holds 16 ounces of hot or cold drinks and is customized with the BCRF logo and pink ribbon.

Practical Pockets Scarves Have a Secret – $30 to 35.00

Practical Pockets and Bathing Ease Scarves
Practical Pockets and Bathing Ease Scarves. Photo © Practical Pockets

Marybeth Haydon designed these special scarves after her double mastectomy – and as Practical Pockets, they are well named! While making you look good, these scarves can hold up to 4 surgical drains that are concealed and supported. Don’t worry about getting the right size – these fit anyone, and come in a variety of fabrics and colors. The mesh scarf is called Bathing Ease, and can be worn in the shower to manage otherwise dangling surgical drains. Get a scarf for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Baby Clothes For The Cure

Baby T-shirt
Baby T-shirt. Photo © Lush Laundry

Don't believe babies can support the cause? Think again –- they are vitally interested in saving breasts! Your baby will look cute while proclaiming their support for breast cancer awareness all year, in one of these Top 10 Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirts. Find an eye-catching design that fits your favorite baby. While these baby items don't generate donations for the cause, they are sure to be great conversation starters!

Pink Ribbon Rubber Stamps

Pink Ribbon Stamp Set
Pink Ribbon Stamp Set. Photo © Pink Ribbon Shop

Stamp out breast cancer on every surface you can find! Use these rubber stamps all year long to raise awareness and express your stand on breast cancer. Choose from a three-dimensional pink ribbon stamp or a customizable pink ribbon stamp with a circle of text flowing all around it. These are available at the Pink Ribbon shop, founded by a survivor. Their website states: "A portion of every Pink Ribbon Shop sale will be donated to cancer organizations to work toward finding a cure, assisting cancer patients and education to reduce cancer deaths."

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