Pivotal Living Smart Scale Review

One of the Best Smart Scales at a Very Affordable Price

Best Smart Scale Review
Pivotal Living

If you're looking for the best smart scale and reading reviews, you should get to know the products at Pivotal Living. The company's budget-friendly activity tracker retails for just $12 and has many of the fancy features that you find on pricier models. And now the company has created the Pivotal Living Smart Scale, a digital scale that uses bioelectrical impedance (BIA) to track body measurements and provide other health information.


Pivotal Living Smart Scale Design

If you're choosing a scale based on looks, the Pivotal Living scale should be at the top of your list. The device design is sleek and clean. And for many users, this makes a big difference.

If your scale doesn't look good, you won't keep it in a place where you use it on a regular basis. For example, some people keep their bathroom scale in the closet, buried under shoes and dirty laundry. It's hard to see, hard to find and you forget to use it. 

But the Pivotal Living Smart Scale is a device you'll want to show off.  The elegant white glass device looks great with every style of bathroom design. You can place it in a spot where it's easy to see, so you'll be reminded to step on it regularly. With consistent data, you'll find that it is easier to track and change health habits for weight loss or improved wellness.

Pivotal Living Smart Scale Features

There is no shortage of digital scales on the market.

Most of them offer similar features for a much higher price. In fact, some popular brands have scales that retail for over $600. But for just $39.95, the Pivotal Living scale provides comparable benefits.

  • Handles multiple users. The scale (privately) tracks data for up to 16 users.
  • Measures essential data:  Measure your weight, BMI, basal metabolic rate, body fat percent and lean body mass.
  • Syncs with an app. The easy-to-use Pivotal Living App syncs with the digital scale so that you can view and manage your health data over time.
  • Provides diet advice. On the app, you'll see diet recommendations based on the USDA MyPlate guidelines. You can view and track your intake of essential foods like grains, fruits, veggies and protein.

So what doesn't the Pivotal Living Smart Scale do? Some digital scales provide immediate data about muscle mass, body water percent and calorie recommendations directly on the scale. In addition, many scales have special settings for athletes that take training volume into account when assessing body fat percent. The Pivotal Living scale does not provide those features.

Pivotal Living Smart Scale vs. Fitbit Aria 

If you're in the market for the best smart scale, you will probably consider the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. It is one of the most popular devices of its kind on the market. So how do they compare? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Website vs. app. The Fitbit Aria connects to both a smartphone app and to a website dashboard. The Pivotal Living Smart Scale connects to a smartphone app only. Some dieters may prefer the larger and more flexible dashboard. Seeing your data on a large screen may help you to manage habits more effectively.
  • Data. Both scales provide body fat percent, lean mass, BMI and weight. The Fitbit Aria connects with Fitbit activity trackers ( purchased separately) to provide calorie targets and coaching. While the Pivotal Living app using nutrition data and coaching based on USDA nutrition guidelines. The Pivotal Living scale also provides the user with basal metabolic rate.
  • Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth  The Pivotal Living scale connects to the smartphone app by using Bluetooth technology. While the Fitbit Aria uses Wi-Fi to connect.
  • Design. The two scales look remarkably similar. However, the Pivotal Living Scale comes in white only while the Fitbit Aria comes in both white and black.
  • Cost. The difference in cost between the two devices is stunning. And if you factor in the cost of an activity tracker the cost difference is even more remarkable. The cost of the Fitbit Aria and a Fitbit activity tracker starts at about $230 and might exceed $300 depending on the model of fitness tracker that you buy. The Pivotal Living Smart Scale and activity tracker together cost less than $52. 

How to Make the Most of Your Smart Scale

If you're not sure which smart scale to buy, don't worry. The brand or type of scale you use may matter less than how you use the device. If you're trying to lose weight, your weigh-ins matter even more.

So how do make the most out of your smart scale? First, use it on a daily basis. Most scales are not 100% perfect. So the actual number matters less than the movement that you see from week to week and month to month. 

Next, be sure that you monitor your weight and body fat trends. It helps if you can see these trends on a smartphone app or website. You can use the information to make changes to your daily activity or diet to reach your goals faster. 

Lastly, don't spend more than you need to on a scale. A more expensive scale won't help you lose weight faster and may even hinder your progress. Sometimes more information is a bad thing, not a good thing. Data overload can lead dieters to get frustrated and give up. If you invest in an affordable device and find that you need more features after a year or so, then invest in a pricier model.

Is Pivotal Living The Best Smart Scale?

If you've never owned a body fat scale, this might be the best smart scale for you. In fact, even if you currently own a scale and want to upgrade, this tech tool is a great buy. It's easy to set up, easy to use, syncs seamlessly with iOS and Android devices, and provides plenty of cool data to improve your health.

Some athletes may find that it doesn't provide enough specific data for sports training. But most people don't need those features. Sometimes, too much data is overwhelming and can derail your attempts at good health. I love the design and functionality of this scale. And at just $39.95, it's likely to make you a happy customer too.

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