The Lowest Calorie Pizza Picks for Dieters

reduce calories in pizza
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Pizza is a favorite food for many of us. But what if you're on a diet? Do you know to order or prepare the lowest calorie pizza? A few simple tips can help you keep your calorie count in check. Here's how to cut calories from pizza.

Calories in Cheese Pizza

A typical slice  of delivery cheese pizza provides around 220 calories. So what's the easiest way to cut calories from pizza? Simply asking for half cheese will save you around 50 calories per slice and will reduce your saturated fat intake by about a third.

You will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much cheese is still left on your pizza after cutting it by half.

If you don't want to cut your cheese by half, you can request part-skim cheese instead of whole-fat cheese. Some pizzerias may even be able to substitute Feta instead of regular cheese. Feta is lower in calories, providing about 50 calories per 1/8 cup serving. 

For the lowest calorie pizza choices, go cheese-free.  Order no cheese on your pizza and then dust each slice lightly with grated Parmesan.  Sprinkle red pepper flakes on top to add extra zip if you need it.

Calories in Meat, Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

For the sake of counting calories, assume that each type of meat that you add to your pizza adds about 40 calories per slice. Of course, that number can vary if your pizza chef is heavy handed and adds a lot of sausage or pepperoni. The number can also vary according to the  size of your serving.

But if exact nutrition information isn't readily available, it's a good estimate. You can also check's Calorie Count to see if your pizza's calorie information is listed.

When you calculate the calories in pepperoni pizza, add 130 calories per ounce of meat added. A typical slice of sausage or pepperoni pizza contains between 200 and 250 calories.

For a lower calorie alternative, try chorizo -- a spicy Mexican smoked sausage variety -- which will save about 20 calories per serving while still providing that smoky hot flavor you crave. Or try Canadian bacon for about 80 calories per ounce.  

Other alternatives include extra lean ground beef or ground turkey breast. And grilled or roasted chicken is another delicious and diet-friendly topping.

If you can't order a leaner meat, you can still cut calories from your pepperoni or sausage pizza.  Use an absorbent paper towel or several paper napkins to soak up some of the grease from your slice. You can save 15 to 25 calories per serving. 

The Lowest Calorie Pizza 

Your lowest calorie pizza choice will almost always be a veggie pizza. Vegetables provide flavor with very few calories. The lower calorie count will allow you to add a small amount of cheese while still staying in your daily calorie budget.

Choosing veggie toppings like green peppers, tomatoes, and onions will also add fdiet-friendly fiber and antioxidants while cutting calories.

You might even try spinach or even broccoli for a change. After a while, you may find in time you prefer veggies on your pizza instead of meat toppings.

More Tips to Reduce Calories in Pizza Meals

AT home or in a restaurant, use these additional tips to eat the lowest calorie pizza:

  • Order thin crust pizza to save calories. For instance, deep dish crust contains about 100 calories more per slice than thin crust.
  • Replace regular crust with whole-wheat crust to get nearly 20% of your fiber needs for the day.
  • Avoid dipping sauce like garlic butter or ranch to save hundreds of calories (especially if you double or triple dip your slices). They're just not worth the extra calories.
  • Skip the breadsticks when you order pizza. Indulging in just one bread stick will add about 200 calories to your meal.
  • White pizza can be higher in calories than traditional pizza because pesto or olive oil is used in place of low-calorie tomato sauce. With just one vegetable topping, a typical slice of white pizza provides close to 300 calories. 

Lastly, pay a visit to a locally owned pizzeria. A small restaurant may offer a greater variety of healthy toppings than chain restaurants. Options might include grilled shrimp, green peas, asparagus spears, artichoke hearts, black beans, corn, spicy fajita chicken, lemon grilled chicken or fresh minced garlic. Yum!

*Edited by Malia Frey, Weight Loss Expert

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