Planning a Shark Themed Baby Shower

Ideas for the Shark Minded

Shark Bath Toy
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Let’s face it, Shark Week is always a hit. Who doesn’t love a good shark story? So as I was watching all of these Shark Week themed parties, it hit me – a Shark themed baby shower!

I would imagine that this would be the perfect theme for a couples baby shower. If the guys typically shun a baby shower because it’s “girly” or “feminine” they certainly can’t say that about the sharks. Sharks are equal opportunity. So what do you do for a shark themes shower? You turn towards the sea.


I love all of the ocean and fish printed invitations, shark invitations are also easy to find pre-printed, though you may have to riff off a birthday themed to use something that was not personalized. If you choose to go the personalized route, you have a couple of options. You can order expensive invitations that say exactly what you want, complete with sharks. You can also use plain blue invitation or blank note cards and decorate them with sharks. Shark stickers work really well, or if you are an artist, you could draw a shark. There is also the option of using a stamp and ink pad to put your sharks in the water!

The wording for such invitations can use corny messages like: Swimmingly, Slip Me Some Fin, etc.

Shark Baby Shower Food

You must have shark fins swimming in the punch bowl, if you do nothing else. This is also an attractive look on cupcakes. You could also have a cake that has a shark pretending to eat the cake – though I’m more of a fan of the fin. This could also be the time to work out the ice sculpture. Think of all the things you could do with Goldfish crackers!

Shark Games 

These may be really corny, but we are talking about sharks, right? So I would image a couple of things come to mind: The Jaws theme song. It would be great to introduce a game using this theme. This would preferably be something wild and crazy that you intend to make the guys do, like pin the fin on the shark. You can also have shark outlines and decorate them with various markers and craft supplies, then the mom-to-be can use them to decorate the nursery. Mom gets to pick the winner for a prize.

A different option is to have all the guests learn the chant from Finding Nemo: “Shark Bait, Ooo Ah Ah.” Then you go around in the circle and have everyone come up with a fish, water or ocean based baby name (Fin, Ariel) or item (baby bath tub, sunscreen), everyone chants after each item. Like hot potato, you’re out if you can’t name something.

The last choice might be pure and simple shark trivia. Have a set of questions about sharks or shark week and play it as a game, where the winners gets the most right answers.

Shark Decorations 

In staying with an underwater theme, you use a lot of blue streams to create and ocean of water at one doorway. You can find fun fish to hang around, or even go with more authentic fishing nets and the like. You can use posters of sharks hung up in various places around the shower area. I think it would be neat for each shark to have a word bubble with some baby advice: Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Sleep when the baby sleeps, etc. You could also use the captions as a contest as a game.

It certainly would take the right mom to enjoy a shark theme, but I think it could be a real winner for the family with a great love of sharks or sense of humor. I probably would have thought it was hilarious, but I also know that there are women would not enjoy this, so be sure to talk to the honoree before surprising her with a shark themed baby shower!

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