14 Plans to Win Your Walking Goals

Set a new goal

Lacing Your Shoes
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Are you ready to set new walking goals? Whether you want to lose weight, improve your health, speed up or go the distance, we can help. We have training plans, free email newsletters and tools to support goals for all walkers, from beginners to marathoners and peregrinos on the Camino de Santiago.

Walking and Weight Loss

  • Treadmill Weight Loss Walking Plan
    Use this plan to vary your treadmill workouts for the most effective calorie burning. Banish treadmill boredom as you challenge your body with different speed, incline and intervals.


  • 30 Day Quick Start Walking Plan
    Are you ready to start walking and build up to the 30-60 minutes per day recommended for good health and weight control? This plan will get you there.
  • How to Start Walking
    Learn how to get started walking for fitness and health.

Get Race Ready

  • Train for a 5K Walk
    From zero to hero, get ready to walk this popular charity walk distance of 3.1 miles.
  • Train for a 10K Walk
    Take it up a notch with a 6.2 mile walk, a popular distance at walker-friendly running events and volkssport walking events.
  • How to Walk Faster
    Use this tutorial to find the right walking form and workouts to build your walking speed. You'll learn the elements of walking faster without using the strict racewalking technique. Soon you'll be passing some of the joggers at 5K and 10 events!

    Advanced Walking Goals

    • Train to Walk a Half Marathon
      Walking a 13.1 mile half-marathon is a great goal for any walker, and it is the most popular distance at the big events. Here's how to train for this fun but challenging distance.
    • Marathon Walk Training from Start to Finish
      The marathon is the Mount Olympus of goals - 26.2 mile or 42 kilometers. Here's how to train to walk the marathon, building up your long distance mileage steadily and preparing for race day.
    • Learn to Racewalk
      Learn the Olympic racewalking technique with our online tutorial by Ero-Fit, Inc. We have the basics of racewalking form, drills, and workouts.
    • Train to Walk the Camino de Santiago
      If you are planning to walk the pilgrim route in Spain, this training plan will help you tackle the hills, distance, trails and day after day of long distance walking.


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