Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur Relief Products

Foot pain from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs can keep you off your feet. Treatment for these conditions is usually is based on rest and controlling inflammation. But you still must do some walking just to perform your activities of daily living, and that means you will have pain. The following products may be of help to get you through the healing process. Keep in mind that proper-fitting footwear is the key to preventing recurrence. Your first stop in the healing process should be to get the right shoes.


A night splint keeps your foot flexed at night while you sleep so it doesn't relax and tighten up the plantar fascia. If it tightens overnight, you irritate it again in the morning and experience that horrible pain with your first steps. Compare several different models of night splints for plantar fasciitis and heel spur, from soft to rigid. You'll be sleeping with this on your foot, so you will want to select one that is comfortable.


Heat these footbeds in an oven, then place them in your shoes and mold them to your feet. A small research study found that they reduced plantar fascia strain by 34% in the two individuals studied, as did non-moldable semi-custom orthotics. But if you need a motion control orthotic, these won't correct your stride.


The HTP heel seats are a patented orthotic to help you with your heel pain. You can wear them in your favorite shoes for cushion and support. They come in regular and gel versions.


Silicone gel heel cups cradle the heel and provide extra shock relief. You can use them with your regular footwear for added cushioning. If you're looking for something soft under the point where you feel the pain, give these a try.


Some people with plantar fasciitis or heel spur vigorously recommend Birkenstocks for recovery. This is one of the original Birkie styles with an orthotic-like footbed of cork and latex to comfort your feet. They are unisex and come in many colors and materials, in narrow and regular widths.


An arch brace supports and lifts the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue which helps maintain the arch of the foot. An arch brace can provide relief from the inflammation and pain. The Protec arch brace has two adjustable Velcro® straps wrap around the arch. They come in three sizes.


Use this handy football-shaped item in two ways. First, keep it in the freezer. Then, take it out and roll it under your foot to provide cold therapy and massage to relieve inflammation while gently stretching the foot.


Your doctor may recommend cold therapy for your condition. Ice your foot the easy, no-mess way with this sleeve with re-freezable gel. Just keep it in the freezer and you are ready to ice your foot whenever you wish.


This is a simple wooden foot roller designed to massage your foot correctly and can help stretch the plantar fascia. People often use a roller after they recover from the initial pain, to keep the fascia from tightening.


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