7 Play Dough Sets for Toddlers

Tools and Toys for Playdough Fun

When it comes to having fun with play dough, toddlers don't need much. Just squishing the dough into a ball is enough to delight young children. Eventually, though, you can add some simple tools that you have around the house, such as cups, spoons and rolling pins, and try some fun activities with this beloved molding dough.

But that doesn't mean that kids won't enjoy some of the tools and toys that have been specially designed to use with play dough. Check out these picks for fun play dough games.

Hasbro Play-Doh Case of Colors

Mom and son with play dough
A mom and her son get creative with play dough. Carlo A/Getty Images

You can very easily make your own play dough at home, but purchasing this basic set of nontoxic Hasbro Play-Doh, which has been a childhood staple since the mid-1950s, is another great option. This set includes 10 2-ounce jars of Play-Doh in a variety of fun colors.

Chenille Kraft Dough Tools

This five-piece set of fun tools includes a flower roller, a round cutting roller, a zigzag cutting roller, a double-sided craft tool and a child-safe plastic blade. Show your toddler how to work the tools to turn play dough into shapes and familiar objects.

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Set

This set includes Play-Doh in five vibrant colors and a host of tools like stampers and play cutters. Your child can create fun cakes that include decorations and tasty-looking desserts. Of course, you need to teach your child not to eat the dough unless you are using edible, homemade versions, such as peanut butter play dough.

Play-Doh Animal Activities Bucket

This animal-themed play set will let your little one mold and create their very own animals. It's a fun way for your child to learn about animals through a tactile, hands-on activity. The self-contained bucket makes for convenient and easy-to-carry storage.

Play-Doh Fun Factory

The Play-Doh Fun Factory comes with all kinds of tools that let you make, shape, mold and extrude all kinds of designs and creations. It also has 2 3-ounce jars of Play-Doh. Your child will spent hours exercising their creativity with this great play set.

Play-Doh Shape & Spin Elmo

The little red monster turns play dough time into an interactive skill-building experience in several ways. Elmo helps your child learn about shapes and counting while having a blast with some squishy dough.

Play-Doh Pizza Party Set

Your little one will love making their own personalized pizza with the Play-Doh pizza making kit. In addition to five jars of Play-Doh, the set also includes all the tools you need to make the perfect pizza, including molds, a cheese grater, a paddle, a pizza cutter and utensils. Your child will probably be tempted to eat their creation, so you might consider using edible play dough.

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