Play Together, Win Together

Who wants a playdate with a pro football player? Read on!

Andrew Luck for Quaker Make the Play contest
Quaker Oats Make the Play

Recently I discovered my son in the backyard, playing with a jump rope. Was he jumping? Nope. He had wrapped one end around a fence post and was busily burying the rest of the rope under wood chips and dirt. "I'm pretending that the fence is electrified!" he said. I gave him props for creativity (while scrubbing under his fingernails).

He also likes to play "pit crew" with any wheeled toy that's around, or make up games using chalk, balls, or sticks.

I'll bet your kids are just as creative. And if they're football fans too, you need to know about Quaker Oats' Make the Play contest. Simply share a unique, active game your family has created—and you could win a "Day of Play" with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Luck says he remembers making up games with his three siblings when they were kids. His sister came up with "roof ball," which involved throwing a ball up on the roof and catching it when it rolled down (and "she dominated at it!" he says). During the Day of Play prize, Luck says he'll be happy to play whatever goofy game your kids come up with (like Blob Ball, a past Make the Play winner), or stick with classic pursuits like tossing the football around or playing kickball or dodgeball.

"Involve all your family members" when you play, says Luck, in order to come up with the best games for the contest—and just to have more fun.

Kids really do love it when their parents play with them, even if it's just for a short time. "My dad would take ten minutes after work to shoot hoops or throw a football," says Luck, "or my mom would put on a mitt and play baseball." He recalls how much that meant to him and his sisters and brother.

"Being outside, not necessarily playing team sports, was always a big part of my childhood," says Luck, who hopes that the Make the Play contest will encourage more of that active, outdoor family time.

Partnering with Quaker Oats on the contest is Fuel Up to Play 60, a national in-school wellness program that has support from the National Football League and the National Dairy Council. Fuel Up encourages kids to play actively for at least 60 minutes a day. Check the link to find out about bringing this program to your school; I've experienced it with both my kids and recommend it.

The deadline for entering the Make the Play contest is December 1, 2014.

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