Plus Size Walking Activewear

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Are you feeling left out when you shop for plus-size exercise clothing for walking? Most running and outdoors stores do not stock athletic clothing above size XL or women's size 14-16. The blame lies not so much with the stores as with the manufacturers, who simply don't produce their items in plus sizes.

Active People are Plus Size, Too!

The percentage of the population in Europe and America who wear plus sizes is significant and increasing.

Walking event coordinators know that Large, XL and XXL shirts are in more demand for walkers than small and medium. Walking is a sport that attracts those who want to become active or stay active at any size.

Performance Fabrics Needed for Plus Size Activewear

Plus size people need good performance clothing. Performance fabrics in polyester and other technical blends wick away sweat, which helps prevent chafing and keeps you feeling more dry and comfortable throughout your walk. Shed your cotton t-shirts and jeans or canvas pants in favor of modern sweat-wicking technical fabrics.

Where to Look for Plus Size Active Clothing

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find plus size activewear in technical fabrics at major chains. Here are manufacturers that are providing acceptable items, and links to finding them online as well as in stores.

  • Juno Active (formerly Junonia) designs and manufactures its own plus size activewear in performance fabrics. Look for their QuikWik and SoftWik selections. Their size range starts at XL or 1X (depending on the item) and some designs go up to 6X.
  • Columbia Sportswear makes many designs of activewear, outerwear and outdoor clothing in plus sizes.
  • Woman Within: This line of clothing includes activewear pieces in performance fabrics, although most pieces are in cotton.
  • Champion Plus makes a small range of plus size activewear.
  • You can find a large selection of plus size cotton and cotton blend tops at Target and Old Navy, with some performance fabrics being offered at times.
  • The venerable outdoors store L.L. Bean has plus size jackets in their Women's line.
  • You can filter on to look for plus size clothing.

Top Picks for Plus Size Walking Clothing

It's not easy to sort through what is offered by various manufacturers to determine what really will work for you for walking. It almost seems like they are hiding the fact their garments are all cotton and not made of moisture-wicking performance fabrics. Often you are only looking at the size and the style and not what is going to keep you moving easily during your walk. These lists give you a quick pick of up to 10 choices for each category. They should keep you walking happy through all four seasons.

  • Plus Size Warm Weather Tops: These include short-sleeve, sleeveless, cami and sport bra tops to wear when the weather is warm or for those who always feel warm walking.
  • Plus Size Cold Weather Tops and Outerwear: This selection includes jackets, vests, and long-sleeved tops to wear layered in cooler weather.
  • Plus Size Walking Shorts: These selections include bike style compression shorts, running shorts, cargo shorts, and some fun double-layer shorts and skirts that combat chafing while providing more coverage.

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