Polar Loop 2: Can It Help You Lose Weight? Review

Find out if the activity tracker can help you lose weight

Polar Loop 2 review
Polar Loop 2 by Polar USA

If you are in the market for a new activity monitor, you’ve got no shortage of options. But if you are also trying to lose weight, you need to be especially selective about your choice. Not every fitness tracker works well for weight loss. The Polar Loop 2 provides several new features that may help you reach your weight loss goal.

Polar Loop 2 Features

The Polar Loop 2 provides a several cool features that you'll enjoy whether you use the device for general fitness or for weight loss.

  • Waterproof. The Polar Loop 2 is waterproof so you can use it to track activity and heart rate (if you purchase the optional heart rate strap) when you swim. You can wear the Polar Loop 2 in the shower, while you’re washing dishes and during other activities when you might get wet. 
  • Sleep data. The Polar Loop 2 collects data about the quality of your sleep. If you can change your routine to sleep better at night, this is helpful information. But I often recommend that dieters ignore this data and focus on the data that is more relevant for weight loss.
  • Smartphone notifications. If you connect the Polar Loop 2 to your iOS smartphone, you’ll get a simple alert whenever you receive a call or text message. The actual message does not display, but you’ll feel a gentle vibration and see the wristband light up. You can also set up the device to display calendar notifications.

Polar Loop 2 Weight Loss Features

For dieters, the features that matter most are the ones that will help you to move more and eat less.

The Polar Loop 2 provides several tools that can boost your weight loss potential.

  • Inactivity alerts.  If you sit or rest for too long, the Polar Loop 2 gives you a gentle buzz to remind you to move.  For dieters this feature is essential. You can burn hundreds of extra calories each day if you boost your NEAT, or non-exercise activity.
  • MyFitnessPal integration. Your activity data from the Polar Loop 2 can be synced with your MyFitnessPal account so that you can evaluate your calorie intake and daily energy balance for more effective weight loss. Unfortunately, however, this feature is only available for iOS users.
  • Polar Flow app.  The Polar Flow app makes it easy for you to track your weight loss progress and solve problems that may prevent you from losing weight. The daily activity journal allows you to see when you are least active during the day so that you can make changes to your routine to burn more calories. You can also use the app as your weight loss journal. Each daily entry allows you to input notes so that you can track your mood, energy level and personal thoughts.
  • Heart rate strap. You can connect the the Polar Loop 2 with an optional heart rate strap that provides essential and accurate heart rate information. Use the heart rate data to make sure that your workouts are hard enough to burn the most fat or easy enough to allow for essential recovery.

The helpful Polar Loop 2 features can help you to stay active, eat well and exercise enough to lose weight. But there was one thing that dieters should be cautious about if you choose this activity monitor.

Polar Loop 2 Drawbacks

The Polar Loop 2 comes in three fun colors, it is stylish, easy to wear and simple to use. But the wristband may be a problem for some users. 

The Polar Loop 2 is a one-piece wristband.

There is no removable tracker so there are no options for wearing the device as anything other than a wristband. The band looks great, but there are some occasions where you may not want a sporty device on your wrist.  In those situations, you won’t be able to track your activity with this device.

In addition, the wristband size adjustment is tricky. You can only make it smaller. That means that if you lose weight and adjust the band to make it smaller it will stay small. If you gain some or all of the weight back and need the band to be larger again, you’re out of luck. For some dieters, this might be a problem. It’s not uncommon for a dieter’s weight to fluctuate during the weight loss process. 

However, that issue alone wouldn't stop me from buying this device. The Polar Loop 2 is one of the best trackers that I’ve reviewed so far both for weight loss and for general use.  And it's the fitness tracker that I wear to track my daily activity and workouts.

The Polar Loop 2 comes in Pink, Black and White and sells for $119.95. The optional H7 Heart Rate Strap is an additional $79.95. The Polar Flow web service is compatibile with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and PC Windows XP, 7, 8. 

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.