Polaroid 2 Tablet Review

Loaded with apps and affordable -- an overall good buy

Polaroid Tablet 2
Featuring a thoughtful design and a ton of apps, Polaroid Tablet 2 is a great overall device for preschoolers. Polaroid

The Polaroid 2 Tablet (or V2) (compare prices) is the latest kids tablet offering from Polaroid. Durable and lightweight, it boasts 70 preloaded apps and a very reasonable $99 price tag. Is it a good buy for your preschooler?

Features of the Polaroid 2 Tablet

  • Preloaded with over 70 apps and books featuring content from Disney and Marvel
  • 7" (1024 x 600) HD display
  • Dual-core processor and 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB internal memory and expandable SD card slot (SD card sold separately) Note that the memory can vary based on what content you choose to keep on the device. 
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n wireless Internet connectivity
  • Parental controls and web browser that has a safe mode
  • App shop with a selection of free and paid apps
  • Large, child-friendly buttons
  • Front and rear cameras 
  • Front-mounted speaker 
  • Durable assembly


Apps, Games, and Books

There are a lot of tablets for kids on the market these days, all offering different features and apps. What I like about the Polaroid 2 Tablet is the amount of quality apps that come preloaded. Featuring content from Disney and Marvel among others, there are 70 full (no extra purchase required) apps that are included in the purchase price. Apps vary in their activity -- books, games, drawing tools -- they all offer something interesting and different, and in many cases are educational.

My 4-year-old tester was a big fan of the Arcade portal. With over 30 games to choose from, he enjoyed moving from activity to activity. Some of the games took longer than others, some were very short, but all were colorful and bright and were accompanied by cool video game sounds.


I liked that there are over 20 books available. Not only can the books be read aloud to your child, they are interactive. So when he pulls up the Marvel Reads app and takes a look at (read by Stan "The Man" Lee of all people), he isn't just listening to the story, he has to find hidden objects and take part in other activities, such as moving pictures to their correct spot.


More apps can be purchased at the app store, but for us, initially, what was preloaded on the the tablet was more than enough. Other apps include a drawing tool, an interactive music studio, Talking Ginger (a cat who repeats what you say with hilarious results), and Learn & Play-- a series of educational games that include memory and connect the dots. 

There is also a camera that is both front- and rear-facing. After kids take pictures, they can play with them a bit, fitting them with a fun custom frame. 


The tablet's design is great for kids. As soon as you pick it up you can feel how durable it is. The screen is nice and big (7-inch, 1024 x 600) and is surrounded by a strong plastic edge. Large rubber buttons (power, home, and go back) are well-proportioned and perfect for tiny fingers. If this tablet gets accidentally dropped, chances are it will survive the fall just fine (ours did -- yikes!). The unit itself is white, but you can choose blue, orange, or purple for the plastic edging.

On the bottom of the unit you will find the headphone jack, power input, lock switch, and SD Card slot.

Operating System/Safe Mode/Parental Controls

The Polaroid 2 Tablet uses an Android platform. There is a home screen with colorful blocks that link to various apps -- Books, Draw, Kids Cam, Videos, Music Studio, and Safe Browser. To get to the next page of apps, kids just need to swipe. At the top is a link to the free app store. Simply hold down the app you'd like to add to your child's tablet and it will appear. Once the tablet is in safe mode, your child can only visit one of 24 websites, including Cartoon Network, Hasbro, and Sesame Street. You can add webpages in Safe Mode, but in order to do so you must answer a fairly complicated math question in order to set a password and then add the page of choice. More webpages were also added at this point, including StudyJams.

In terms of having a preschooler using the tablet, it's nice that the Safe Mode is in place in case a little one ever stumbles on to the web browser. In our case, I use the tablet for apps only. 

Power Source

The Polaroid 2 Tablet runs on a rechargeable battery and comes with an AC adapter. For our testing purposes, it lasted about five hours before it needed to be charged. You can play with it while it is plugged in.


Overall, I thought the Polaroid 2 Tablet is a great offering for preschoolers. It's a good bang for the buck, offers room to grow and has a good deal of educational value too. Highly recommended.



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