5 Popular Mental Health Campaigns

Below are popular mental health campaigns that get people talking about mental health issues, raise money, and promote understanding and support for those afflicted with mental illness.

Bell Let's Talk Day

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The goals of this multi-year mental health campaign in Canada are to reduce stigma, support agencies offering care and access, promote workplace health, and invest in research programs. The campaign provides monetary grants and has spokespersons including athlete Clara Hughes, stand-up comedian Michael Mpambara, and executive producer Howie Mandel.

Through tweets, texts, calls, and shares on January 28, 2015 (Bell Let's Talk Day), Canadians raised upwards of 6 million dollars to support this campaign. Learn more here: Bell Let's Talk.


Courtesy of NAMI

Have you ever participated in a NAMI walk? Every year, tens of thousands of people register via the website of the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) to take part in a walk in one of 84 communities across the United States.

You can walk alone, with a team, and even bring Fido along. Walkers register online to create a fundraising page (if you choose to do so). While registration is free, fundraising is encouraged. Funds raised go to the support of mental health awareness through NAMI.

National Time to Talk Day in the UK

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Run by "Mind and Rethink Mental Illness" and supported by PepsiCo, "National Time to Talk Day" is held in February each year in the UK. The program asks individuals to spend five minutes during the day having a conversation about mental health.

The purpose of this movement is to break the silence around mental health issues. In addition to the conversations, a text support line run by RehabWorks (a mental health provider) offers individuals responses to their questions about general mental health issues. The program is also highly integrated into the work environment and the focus is on reducing stigma in this context.

Heads Up in Australia

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In conjunction with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance in Australia, Beyond Blue has launched a national campaign to encourage business leaders to take action with respect to mental health issues. Based on research showing the value of investing in good mental health of employees, the campaign called "Heads Up" offers practical advice about why being proactive about mental health in the workplace is important.

At the Heads Up website, business leaders can learn how to make their workplace mentally healthier and in turn, profitable. The program also aims to relieve discrimination experienced by those with mental health issues and offer them the same level of support experienced by those with physical disabilities.

The Green Ribbon Campaign in Ireland

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The Green Ribbon Campaign in Ireland takes place in the month of May. During that time, more than 500,000 green ribbons are distributed nationwide free of charge with the goal of inspiring national conversations about mental health and reducing stigma.

The campaign advises being a good listener, asking how you can help, being non-judgmental, keeping in touch, and chatting regularly with those who suffer from mental health issues.

You can participate in one of these campaigns to show your support for mental health awareness.