Popular Physical Therapy Memes

Memes are still a thing, right? People still enjoy checking out the latest internet memes, and there are a few physical therapy related memes that can give you a laugh or two.

If you have ever suffered an injury or illness that resulted in pain or loss of functional mobility, then you may have utilized the skilled services of a physical therapist.  During your physical therapy program, you probably learned a little bit about your PT and the profession.  Hopefully, you found your physical therapy experience to be a positive one, and perhaps you even shared a few laughs with your physical therapist.

These days, many folks are enjoying memes on the internet - those little pictures that give the reader a tiny chuckle about a certain popular subject.  The physical therapy profession is no stranger to funny and inspirational memes.

Enjoy this slideshow of the most popular memes on the internet.  Hopefully, you get a laugh out of most, if not all, of them.  Perhaps you even experienced them first hand.

This first meme reflects the mindset of some patients who attend physical therapy.  One session and you should be all better, right?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Sometimes physical therapy takes 

What Does Your PT Really Do?

Physical therapy meme.
Do you really know what a physical therapist does?.

Your physical therapist was likely a trove of medical and health wisdom when you were in rehab, and you probably were quite impressed by his or her knowledge of the human body and how it moves.  Prior to attending physical therapy, though, you probably had very little idea of what your PT actually does on a day-to-day basis.

Your physical therapist does quite a few things, including, but not limited to:

  • Prescribing exercises
  • Using therapeutic modalities like ultrasound or NMES
  • Writing notes
  • Communicating with doctors or other healthcare workers
  • Performing gait and movement analysis

Once you spend a few hours in the PT clinic, you will really see what a physical therapist does each day to help people move better and feel better.

Home Exercise Program: Just Do It

Physical therapy meme
Don't make up lame excuses for not doing your home exercise program.

 When you attend physical therapy, your PT will likely prescribe a home exercise program for you to work on independently to help you achieve your rehab goals.  Even if you are receiving PT in the hospital, you will likely have to do exercises while in your hospital room.

If you don't get your HEP done, don't make up excuses as to why.  Just get your exercises done.

Keep Track of Your Sets and Reps During Exercise

Physical therapy meme
Make sure your count all your reps and sets during your exercises.

 If you are new to exercise, then you may not understand common exercise terms like sets or repetitions.  Or, if you're like many people, you may lose track of how many repetitions of your rotator cuff or straight leg raising exercises you've done.  That's fine.  Your PT probably lost track too.

Goal Setting in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy memes.
Your PT will work with you to establish rehab goals.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the physical therapy profession is helping people reach their full potential and achieve the goals that are set.  When you are motivated, and if you work hard in physical therapy, hopefully you can have the exhilarating feeling of reaching your long term PT goals.

Physical Therapy for Pain Relief

Physical therapy memes
Your PT can help manage your pain.

Your physical therapist is a pain management expert who can use various therapeutic modalities and procedures to help decrease your pain. It is typically not a good idea to cancel your PT appointment because you are in too much pain.  Your PT can help you manage your pain, and isn't increased pain one of the reasons you went to PT in the first place?

Up next: Measuring your pain levels.

Pain Level Measurements in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy memes
Be sure to accurately describe your pain to your physical therapist.

When your physical therapist asks you about your pain, he or she may ask you to rate it from one to ten.  If your pain is excruciating, perhaps you should describe your pain as "stepping on a lego" type pain.  That should be enough for your PT to get the idea.

Gait Training in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy memes
Your PT can help you walk better with gait training.

Your physical therapist is a movement expert who can help you improve your walking and gait.  He or she may use video analysis to help assess your gait or running mechanics, and your PT can also help improve your safety when walking by working to improve your balance and proprioception.

If you need an assistive device like a cane or a walker to walk, your physical therapist can make a recommendation for the appropriate one.  He or she can also help you correctly size the device and teach you to use it properly.

Bonus: Popular Songs Heard in the PT Clinic

Improve Functional Mobility with PT

Physical therapy meme.
Your physical therapist can help you with functional mobility.

If you are having difficulty moving around in bed or rising from a seated position, your physical therapist can help you.  He or she can teach you specific exercises to help improve your lower extremity strength and teach you the proper technique for safely rising from a seated position.

A Word from Verywell

Dealing with a movement limitation or loss of functional mobility is no laughing matter, and your physical therapist takes your condition and the PT profession seriously.  Occasionally, though, your PT needs to blow off a little steam and have a little fun with some popular physical therapy themed internet memes.

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