5 Positive Aspects of Raising a Spirited Child

If you were blessed with a spirited child, there may be days where you secretly feel it’s just not fair that your child has such a difficult temperament. Watching other children comply politely with their parents’ requests at the park, or seeing other children respond to being told no without having a complete meltdown, may stir up a little resentment.

Also called strong-willed kids, there’s no doubt about it - spirited children can be a challenge. And while it’s true that a spirited child will try your patience - most likely on a daily basis - there are lots of positive things about raising a child with such a strong personality.

Here are five positive aspects of raising a spirited child:

Your Child can Improve Your Parenting Skills

A spirited child will test your patience.
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While some kids can handle a little inconsistency every now and then, a spirited child doesn’t let things go. If you gave in one day last month and let your child eat ice cream for dinner, you’ll likely hear about it for months - or perhaps even years. Each time you insist on eating a healthy meal before dessert, your child is likely to remind you about that one time you made an exception to the rule.

Not only will a spirited child ensure your parenting strategies are consistent, but he’ll also make sure there’s a method to your madness. He’ll likely want to know the reason behind each and every rule. If you’re not able to give him a good reason for why he shouldn’t jump in the puddles, or why he can’t play in the rain, he’s likely to keep arguing.

Your Child Could be a Great Leader

Think of some of the best leaders you know personally or the ones you’ve heard about on the news. Now, imagine what those people were probably like as children. Do you think those leaders were agreeable, compliant children?

While some of they may have been easy-going children, it’s likely that the majority of them were defiant and argumentative. In fact, it’s likely that their willingness to argue against the status quo has helped many of them get to where they are today. Many spirited children possess qualities that can help them become great leaders someday.

Peer Pressure Won't Likely be a Problem

If your child won’t pick up his toys because he doesn’t want to, what do you think will happen someday when his friend tries to convince him to smoke a cigarette? Spirited kids aren’t easily swayed by the opinions, or pressures of others. That can work to your child’s advantage during the teenage years where he may feel pressured to partake in unhealthy activities.

You'll Learn a Lot About Yourself

A spirited child will test your limits to the max. Although the process can be exhausting, it’s also a great opportunity to learn about yourself.

You’ll discover skills you didn’t know you had and you’ll need to dig deep at times, to be patient, tolerant and kind. So rather than focus on why you shouldn’t have to deal with constant defiance or extreme temper tantrums, think about what these challenges give to you.

Raising a Spirited Child is Rewarding

While some parents may take a tantrum-free day for granted, parents of spirited children don’t take such accomplishments for granted. Raising a spirited child means there will be lots of things to celebrate along the way - improved emotion regulation skills, good days at school, and successful play dates. As your child matures, you’ll see tremendous growth and plenty of positive changes.

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