Postpartum Depression Quiz

Do you suffer from postpartum depression?

A new mother with postpartum depression.
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Postpartum depression (PPD) has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. While the numbers may appear to be rising, it may also be more likely that it is simply becoming more socially acceptable to admit to needing help and having difficulties in the postpartum period.

Most women will suffer a mild bout of something called the baby blues which occurs in the first days childbirth. A smaller fraction of women will suffer from an extreme form of depression called postpartum psychosis.

Postpartum depression falls in a category on its own.

In taking this quiz you are looking at some of the most common symptoms of postpartum depression. Certain symptoms, like feeling like you may harm yourself or your baby warrant urgent attention, even if that is the only symptom you experience. The more symptoms you experience, the sooner you need to seek help. Always seek help if you desire help, even if others tell you that you are okay - you are the best judge of how you are feeling.

Start the postpartum depression quiz!

Please remember that this is a screening quiz and not a diagnostic tool. This is a way for you to have a conversation with your midwife or doctor, even if you are past the six-week postpartum check up and to realize that you still may need help. Consider this a conversation starter with your practitioner. If you have any symptoms of concerns, regardless of how you score on this quiz, please talk to your practitioner immediately. Help is available.

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