Postpartum Maternity Hospital Gowns

Things to Consider for Your Postpartum Maternity Hospital Gowns

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You may have given some thought into what you will or won’t wear in labor, but what about after the baby is born? Have you thought about that part yet and what you'll pack in your hospital bag? Many moms don’t think about postpartum as much as they think about the labor and birth portion of their wardrobe. So as you think about it, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Tubes
    For a vaginal birth you may have an IV for a short time after your birth. This is usually very limited, but it may still make a difference for your choice of clothes. This is a bigger consideration if you have a c-section, as your IV is usually left in place for a longer period of time. So, consider sleeve length when picking out your clothes – the shorter ones work best for IV access.
  1. Bleeding
    Postpartum bleeding happens to all mothers, no matter how their baby was born. It’s called lochia. The first few days after you give birth you will bleed – a lot. You will want to prepare to have accidents with your under clothes and your night gowns or PJs.
  2. Breasts
    Your breasts will begin to fill with breast milk within days of birth. Having a bit of extra room in the bust can be beneficial.
  3. Bathroom
    You’ll be up and down to the bathroom quite a bit. Wear something comfortable to lounge in, but also good for walking and moving up and down.
  4. Buttons
    Some moms also really like the buttons down the front for ease of feeding. (Tip: Unbutton from the bottom for access with modesty!) This is also helpful for medical exams that include listening to your heart and lungs, etc.
  5. Fabric
    Also give some thought to the fabric that you choose. Remember, you may have some sweaty days and nights as your body adjusts to not being pregnant. Think about the materials you’re choosing with that in mind. Cotton fabric breathes a bit better for many people.
  1. Maternity Hospital Gown
    Yes, there is always a maternity hospital gown. You have an unlimited supply of them and they aren’t your laundry. But they are also ill fitting (too small or too big). You may also ask if the postpartum gowns have easy breastfeeding access. And if your skin is sensitive, a day or two in hospital gowns might be too much to bear.

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