Free Printable Power Rangers Samurai Coloring Page

Free Printable Power Rangers Coloring Page featuring Power Rangers Samurai

Power Rangers Coloring Page Power Rangers Samuri
Power Rangers Coloring Page featuring Power Rangers Samuri (click to enlarge). Saban

"Centuries ago in Japan, Nighlok monsters invaded our world, but samurai warriors defeated them with power symbols, passed down from parent to child. Today the evil Nighlok have risen once again and plan to flood the earth. Luckily, a new generation of heroes stand in their way. They are the Power Rangers Samurai."

Power Rangers Samurai,which once aired on Nickelodeon and Nick Toons, follows the Samurai Power Rangers: Red Ranger Jayden, Blue Ranger Kevin, Pink Ranger Mia, Green Ranger Mike, Yellow Ranger Emily and Gold Ranger Antonio. The group comes together using their special powers and tools to fight bad guy Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks who want to flood Earth with the Sanzu River. The Power Rangers are helped in their constant battle of good versus evil by their all-knowing mentor and special spirit animals called Zords. 

But Power Rangers Samurai, which formed the 18th and 19th seasons (season 19 was called Power Rangers Super Samurai) of the very popular franchise, is more than just about watching these superheroes partake in cool adventures and display their fighting moves. Through the Power Rangers and their escapades, kids learn about friendship, reaching your goals, why teamwork is so important, and how to be healthy through exercise and eating right (as displayed by the free coloring page above).

If your child is a reluctant eater (or a really picky one), coloring pages like this one may encourage them to try new foods. It's always important to set a good example for picky eaters, and showing them favorite characters who are embracing healthy foods may be helpful. 

The Power Rangers series originally launched in 1993. It quickly became the most-watched children's television program in the United States. It is one of the longest running live action children's series. While each season brings a new iteration of teen rangers, the premise is usually the same: "ordinary" teenagers come together through a series of various circumstances. They find they can morph into superheroes to fight villains from other planets and safe the world. In 2017, Saban Brands will produce a live-action film featuring the Power Rangers. 

While the producers of the show say it is good for kids ages five and up, some experts say it is actually better suited for kids ages seven and up due to the fantasy violence and martial arts fighting that fills the show. If you do allow your preschooler to tune in, talk to him or her about what she is seeing and how it is only make-believe and could not really happen in real life. While the Power Rangers often have to fight in order to save the world, consider having a discussion with your little one about other ways to come to resolutions on things. 

The show has also come under fire for what some say are extreme marketing tactics to sell toys and other Power Rangers merchandise. Make sure your preschooler understands that he or she can't have everything that they show on television -- a hard lesson for some to understand for sure. 

Click to enlarge this printable coloring page of the Power Rangers. Power Rangers airs on Nickelodeon (check local listings). For more information, visit the Power Rangers website.

This free, printable Power Rangers Samurai color page is courtesy of Saban.

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