Preemie Hats to Knit and Crochet

Ribbed preemie hat.
Ribbed preemie hat. Image courtesy of Sarah White

Preemie hats make a wonderful gift for parents of new preemies, and knitting or crocheting preemie hats is a good way to keep hands busy when moms-to-be find themselves on bedrest. Not only can even the smallest and sickest of preemies wear hats, but most NICUs gladly accept donated preemie hats to give to their babies.'s Guides to Knitting and Crocheting have put together a number of free knitting patterns and free crocheting patterns to help you choose the perfect hats for the preemies in your life.

Preemie Hats to Knit

The following free knitting patterns will teach you to knit a variety of preemie hats.

  • Ribbed baby hat: Sizing is included for preemies through four-year-olds for this much-loved hat.
  • Striped baby hat: Sizing is included for babies as small as 5 pounds, and the directions make it easy to make this hat even smaller as needed.

Preemie Hats to Crochet

The following free crochet patterns will teach you to crochet a variety of preemie hats.

  • Joanne's preemie hat: This preemie hat pattern includes directions for adding a pom pom.
  • Preemie beanie: Many of the preemie hats that are donated to our NICU end up being too small for a lot of our babies. This one is designed to be a little roomier.

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