Top Pregnancy Books for Dads from Pregnancy to Labor

Most pregnant books are aimed at women and mothers-to-be. Though there are a growing number of books that are written specifically for fathers. These books focus on the roles of the dad in pregnancy, birth and parenting. Some explain how your wife's body will change in pregnancy while other focus on the role of the dad in labor. Either way a book makes a great starting point in which to learn about pregnancy.


This book is written specifically for those helping women in labor and birth. Written by doula Penny Simkin, the tips are practical and well laid out. Simkin's style of writing is very male friendly with lots of charts and diagrams. She has a way with words when it comes to conveying emotions in a practical manner and giving specific advice for various stages of labor. Dads in my practice call this a favorite! There are three editions and you can't go wrong with any of them.


This handy little book is humorous and engaging - perfect for a dad who is less than enthusiastic about reading pregnancy or birth books. The fact that there are some fill in the blanks for mom to fill out to make it a personalized guide for dad to use in labor.


Written by dad and columnist Dave Barry, this hysterical look at pregnancy will definitely give you a laugh out loud perspective on becoming a parent. While this book is not a technical book about pregnancy, it certain kept many a dads attention. I certainly chuckled through it too, like the fetal development section where it talks about how the fetus has developed the ability to shriek in air planes. It was realistic in a funny sense in preparing you for the unpredictable road to fatherhood.


Celebrity dads like Alan Thicke, Wayne Gretsky and others share stories of parenting. Some are charming others are annoying, but they all do work very nicely for the dad who is interested in reading brief snippets on true life parenting. Not for the squeamish dads out there.


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