Pregnancy Loss Books for Children

Losing a baby during pregnancy or shortly after is a horribly painful experience.  This makes having to share that pain and grieving with others, particularly younger children even harder.  These books each offer something a bit different to help aid you in the walk of grief and remembrance.

Tear Soup is a different sort of book in that it's really about loss in general and not specific to the loss of a baby.  The person grieveing in the book is actually a grandmother who has lost her husband.  Though there are many ways that this book might be helpful to any family who is grieving. This book is geared for school aged children and up.

The text is simple, the illustrations are sweet but realistic about a sad and crying family.  It talks of the boy's desire to have the baby and how he felt as he lived through the death and grief process.  It's very well done. There is a small section in the back on talking to your children and children's grief in general.  This book is recommended for ages 2 and up. Religious references are few, but there is a cross necklace worn by the mother in one small drawing and the obvious reference to angels.  These are easily overlooked if this is not a part of your belief system.

Written by Cathy Blanford, this book offers simple sentences to help children understand what they and their families may be feeling during a time after the loss of a baby. There are also helpful text boxes at the bottom of the pages to give advice to whoever is reading the story. The message here is one of inclusion - don't exclude your older children from what is happening, but really how to make them a part of it. Ms. Blanford is a bereavement counselor. For ages 5+.

This book is designed to be read to a child who is born after you have experienced a pregnancy loss, to connect them with the story of the family. Perhaps it's to explain why you light candles on days to commemorate your baby, or who the baby is in a photo frame that they don't know. I actually found this book to be very sweet and potentially even helpful after a baby has died and the child knew about it or nearing a new pregnancy. It references the great sadness experienced by parents but talks about how the special baby makes room in their hearts. Recommended for ages 2 and up. There are references to angels, and depictions of a minister in a long robe and ornaments. These can be overlooked if it is not apart of your belief system.


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