Popular Pregnancy Magazines To Read

Pregnancy magazines are great to carry around for when you don't have your computer and perhaps a cell phone isn't appreciated. You can flip through the pages and explore things you might have ignored in an online version. Many of the pregnancy magazines are now free or very low cost. This is because they are supported by advertisers. Keep this in mind as you flip through the pages - be particularly leery of articles with the words advertorial on them. This means it's a paid spot that is​ part advertisement. 

That said, this can be a great way to explore fashion, fitness, and even birth stories with other people. Many also have online communities to supplement their print publication. Be sure to follow them both online and off.


Fit Pregnancy
Photo © Fit Pregnancy

 Fit Pregnancy is a bit more than your general pregnancy magazine. The focus here started on fitness, and has expanded to be physical health, nutrition, and more in that realm. They quickly realized that there was more to the story than simply fitness and nutrition and have a really well-balanced look at many things related to pregnancy, including fashion and postpartum care. They also have a big social media presence with a Facebook page, and active Twitter account to round out their website. One of the biggest pros is that this is now a free magazine. You can register at their website for your subscription. Of course, that will turn your info over to companies, so make sure you're willing to do that and select the appropriate information for sharing when you are presented with the check boxes.



American Baby
Photo © American Baby

American Baby is one of the oldest pregnancy magazines. It's written under the Parents Magazine's care now. This has actually seemed to have been a good stretch for them as a magazine that at one point looked like it might die. They have a robust look at pregnancy from the emotional steps to the physical aspects. You can find articles on how to cope with strangers touching you to great guides on a variety of baby gear items. You can also look through their website. Also - lots of celebrity babies in each issue. It is published 11 times a year and is free. You can also get a subscription to Parents for $3.99.



Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine
Photo © Pregnancy & newborn

This is another magazine that covers a bit of everything, all the way from prior to pregnancy to after the baby is born. They have articles on a variety of topics with different points of view, including a nice selection of birth stories. They also have a presence on the web, though their print publication is also available, it is $28 for a subscription of 14 issues. Some people like to have the magazine in their hands and others don't mind looking at things on the computer - only you can decide which works for you. There is also an emphasis on baby related gear - great for all of you comparison shoppers. 


Closing Thoughts on Pregnancy Magazines

Pregnancy magazine will always hold a special place in my heart. In my first pregnancy, it was actually a pregnancy magazine that helped me get a quick glimpse of something that sparked my interest that lead me to being a childbirth educator and doula. This, of course, was prior to the Internet being a real thing for pregnancy information. I do know that eventually we probably won't read many pregnancy magazines because they won't be printed, but for now we can still enjoy them.

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