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Pregnancy is a time for many changes, including the changes that occur in your skin. You might be suffering from acne like you are a new teenager. (It's the hormones!) You might have a newly dry patch of red, itchy, irritated skin. Your belly might be stretched taunt and looking for some moisturizing relief. How do you know which is the best product for you? Here are some product reviews of skin care for pregnancy.

Mama Mio Maternity Spa Treatment

Boob Tube - Mama Mio
The Mama Mio line has several products within it. I reviewed the Boob Tube, Wonder-Full Balm and Creamy body lotion. The scent was a slight draw back in some of the products, though not the body lotion. I really liked the packaging and pump that some of the products come in. It makes it very nice for gift giving for baby shower's or new mother gifts.

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Bella B Silk & Honey Moisturizing Cream

Silk and Honey Body Moisturizing Lotion Bella B
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The Bella B Silk & Honey Moisturizing Cream is delightfully simple. It has a delicious smell and an inviting texture. It's cool and creamy and it glides over your skin easily. It's not quite lotion, not quite cream in consistency. But it does leave your skin feeling soft for hours.

Burt's Bee Leg & Foot Creme

Burt's Bee Leg Creme
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This leg and foot creme is a great treat for tired and aching feet, particularly in pregnancy. It's cool and refreshing without being greasy. A part of the Burt's Bee line. I liked the tingle! It left my legs feeling cool and clean.

Burt's Bee Belly Butter

Mama Bee
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This belly butter is refreshingly only light scented. It's great at what it's supposed to do - moisturize your belly. The creamy texture is a nice touch to help relieve itching. It's also a naturally made product which made me feel better about using it.

Stelatopia Cream

Stelatopia Cream
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Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream from Mustela is not "stinky" and goes on very easily. It's also gentle enough that my child with eczema can use it without having their skin irritated. While expensive, it does the trick when so many others of equal expense do not. It is also great for the mother-to-be who has sensitive skin.

Mustela 9 Months

Mustela is a well known brand name. While the textures were nice, I wasn't a huge fan of the scent. It was very strong. If it's a scent you like, then you'll love these products for moisturizing your pregnant body.

Novena Organic Bearberry Skin Brightening Moisturizer

Novena Organic Bearberry Skin Brightening Moisturizer is great for women who are worried about pigmentation issues in pregnancy. While the odor is a bit strong at first, the texture is smooth and light.

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