Pregnancy Week 21

Pregnancy Week 21
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Everyone is probably telling you what sex your baby is using different myths! Some people find this fun, other find it annoying. Using things like how you carry, what you eat, the Chinese Gender Chart, or other myths are fun, but not always accurate. Have you decided whether you want to find out the gender of your baby? There are many things to consider before doing so, and still your baby may not cooperate.


Your baby can still move all over in the amniotic fluid. Towards the end of this trimester the baby will begin to settle, usually in a head down position (Although some babies do not turn head down until late in the last trimester.). About 3-4% of babies will remain in a breech position at term. Your baby weighs just under a pound (13 ounces or 369 grams).


Don't panic over childbirth classes. Every dad there is probably having similar feelings to you. Just smile and know that your childbirth educator is not going to call you out in class. It's not a pass/fail class - think of it as auditing.

Readers Share:

This week we hear from other readers about finding out that their baby was a different sex than they expected or hoped for this pregnancy. Our society tells us that the right answer is always that we don't care unless our baby is healthy, but sometimes that is simply not true.

So how do you deal with the gender disappointment of the girl when you wanted a boy or vice versa? How did you cope?

How did you cope with gender disappointment?

Twin Tips:

Got back pain? While watching your posture and being careful to lift and carry properly can go a long way, there are back braces that are made to help you carry the load.

Talk to your practitioner about writing a prescription to help insurance cover these items, or you can purchase them separately on your own.

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