Pregnant with No Pregnancy Symptoms?

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One thing that most people expect from pregnancy is a bunch of symptoms. You can't help but associate pregnancy with morning sickness, at the very least. Though it is not uncommon to hear women say: "I'm newly pregnant with no pregnancy symptoms. I'm worried if that is normal or it means I'm having a miscarriage?"

When you hear about pregnancy you usually hear about all these lovely first trimester symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn, exhaustion, and breast tenderness.

You imagine yourself with your head stuck in a toilet bowl for the first few months. While many women do experience some pregnancy symptoms, the truth is that there are women who never feel ill during their pregnancies and that may be normal for them. They believe that they have no pregnancy symptoms, when in fact, they may just mistake common or uncommon symptoms as something else.

When Do You Feel Pregnancy Symptoms

Most pregnancy symptoms, particularly ones like nausea, bloating, or back ache, do not start right away. The first few weeks after a positive pregnancy test may be incredibly boring. Other moms-to-be do not start feeling pregnancy symptoms until they are a bit further along, say when they reach six or seven weeks into pregnancy. "I really expected to feel pregnant right away," explains Hillary. "I had a positive pregnancy test. I knew my life was about to change drastically.

I just felt like I should physically feel different and I didn't. This drove me crazy. I left a message for the nurse at the doctor's office, she said it might come later. Sure enough, out of the blue, I woke up one morning and felt very sick to my stomach. I was almost eight weeks pregnant. I'd never been so happy to throw up in my life."

Sometimes it's just a matter of sorting out what you are physically feeling. For example, many moms experience pregnancy symptoms, but assign the reason to something else all together. That might be something like premenstrual symptoms, or the flu, but explaining away the pregnancy symptoms is fairly normal but can lead to some worry. 

"I was crazy tired," explains one mother-to-be. "I wasn't really working any more than usual but I had trouble staying awake at night like I typically did. When I asked my midwife about the lack of symptoms, we went over how I was feeling and she said that some moms just have different symptoms than others and not to worry too much if I didn't have any warning signs."

When to Worry

The one time that a lack of pregnancy symptoms is potentially a problem, is when they simply disappear seemingly overnight. While it is normal for some of the more severe symptoms experienced in the first trimester to lessen and eventually fade out as you enter the second trimester, a sudden disappearance of symptoms may indicate that there is a problem with your pregnancy. This problem may be a miscarriage.

This is not always the case, but it is certainly worth a call to your provider.

Some women will experience symptoms that seem to come and go, often described as good days and bad days. This is also a normal expression of pregnancy symptoms.

What You Should Do if You Are Worried

A lack of symptoms is not something you need to worry about. A few moms will have no changes, and that's perfectly okay as well. The only time to be concerned with not having symptoms is if you have them and they suddenly disappear in the first trimester. This may be an indication of a sudden drop in hormones, which may signal a problem with your pregnancy.

If you experience any of the pregnancy warning signs, you should call your practitioner.

When in doubt, always call and ask your doctor or midwife for advice. That's what you are paying for with your prenatal care. The peace of mind can go a long way to help to keep you sane over the course of the next forty or so weeks of pregnancy.


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