Prepare for Surgery: What to Expect

What to expect, when to expect it, and what to do...

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Going in to the hospital for surgery is a difficult and anxious time for anyone. For some patients having surgery is not a big deal, for others it can be one of the most anxiety provoking experiences they have ever faced. Wherever you may find yourself, there are steps you can take to make this experience less traumatic and more positive.

This guide is separated into three sections to help you through the various stages of having surgery.

While specific information will vary with each particular procedure, this guideline is intended to help you understand the surgical process, and to remove some anxiety from this time in your life. The three sections you will find are: before surgery, on the day of surgery, and after surgery. In addition, there are several links to further information such as questions to ask your doctor and what to bring to the hospital. This information can be printed to help you remember details you want to discuss with your doctor.

As stated above, particular information will vary by procedure, hospital, and physician. If you are unclear about any instructions related to your procedure you should contact your doctor! Use this guide to help understand the surgical process, and help you take control of surgery you are having done.

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