Preschool Father's Day Crafts

preschool father's day craft
Not sure what to get dad this year? Try one of these preschool Father's Day crafts!. Liam Norris/Cultura RF/Getty Images

Ready for Father's Day? Sure, you could run and buy dad a tie or some golf clubs, a store-bought gift just isn't the same as something homemade from the heart. So why not try some preschool Father's Day crafts? If you've got a preschooler at home, you have the perfect little artist right on hand to make dad (or grandpa or uncle) the perfect gift.

These preschool Father's Day crafts are easy to make and let your preschooler stretch her creative muscles all at the same time.

But before starting any of these Father's Day crafts (or any crafts for that matter) with your preschooler, make sure you lay out all your supplies first. It makes the process easier and will prevent any impatience on the part of your little one! To make the gift really special for dad, be sure to write your preschooler's name and the date on the back of each of the Father's Day crafts that you make, and include a homemade card too.

"I Love You to Pieces" Puzzle Preschool Father's Day Craft

What you need:

  • cardboard or heavy card stock
  • construction paper (optional)
  • puzzle pieces, medium to large are better, this is a great use of a puzzle that doesn't have all of its pieces!
  • permanent markers
  • glue or rubber cement
  • paint, acrylic works best
  • picture frame to fit your cardboard (optional)

Get crafting!

If you use cardboard, cover it with a colorful piece of construction paper. Let dry. Paint each puzzle piece, again, allowing adequate time to dry on a drying rack.

You may need two coats of paint if the pattern on the puzzle piece is bold and hard to cover with paint. (Tip: Do these steps before you get your preschooler involved with the craft!) One the puzzle pieces and cardboard are dry, help your preschooler to glue them to the cardboard. Somewhere on the cardboard, write or trace "Daddy, I Love You to Pieces!" Ask your preschooler what it is he loves so much about his dad and then write each attribute on a puzzle piece.

(If the answer is "his feet," or something else silly, keep it! It's something to laugh about later on!) Once everything has dried, frame if you choose.

"I Love You a Bunch!" Thumbprint Father's Day Craft 

What you need:

  • heavy card stock in a light color
  • paint or a purple or green ink pad
  • markers
  • picture frame to fit your masterpiece (optional)

Get crafting!

Using your child's thumb dipped in paint or onto an ink pad, make a bunch of grapes on the paper. When you are finished and the paint has dried, have your child draw faces on each grape and a leaf and a vine coming from the top of the bunch. Somewhere on the paper write "Daddy, I love you a bunch!"

#1 Dad Medal Father's Day Craft

What you need:

  • a circle that you can use as a template, such as a frosting container lid
  • construction paper or cardstock
  • glue
  • markers
  • scissors
  • colorful ribbon

Get crafting!

Have your child trace the circle shape onto the construction paper and then cut the circle out. Come up with an idea for what to write on the medal -- "World's Best Dad" for example and then have your child color the "medal." Cut out a length of ribbon long enough to fit around dad's neck.

Glue the ribbon to the medal and tie.

Best Dad, Hands Down Tee Shirt Father's Day Craft

What you need:

  • a white tee shirt that dad can wear
  • fabric paint that is washing machine safe

Get crafting!

Your child's hand print always makes for a great craft! Position the tee shirt so it is straight and flat, and pulled tight. Paint your child's hand and carefully place her hand onto the shirt. Repeat as needed in as many colors as you like. Using the fabric paint, write "Best Daddy, Hands Down!" on the shirt.

Desk Pen Holder Father's Day Craft

What you need:

  • an empty, clean tin can with the label removed -- coffee, soup, canned tomatoes all work fine
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • markers or crayons
  • craft supplies such as glitter and stickers

Get crafting!

Use glue or rubber cement to secure the paper over the can. Once it's dry, let your preschooler decorate the can by coloring and decorating. Fill with pens and give to dad.

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