Preschool Supplies Your Child Should Bring to School

Essential School Supplies for the First Day and Beyond

A great way to help your child get ready for preschool is to involve her in the back-to-school supply shopping process. It's likely you'll get a list of preschool supplies from your child's teacher, but here are some good materials to have on hand.

A Tag for the Backpack

preschool backpack
preschool backpack. preschool backpack

But don't hang it outside of the backpack -- attach it to the inside. Include your child's name, teacher and room number as well as your phone number and a phone number for the school.

A Photo or Lovey From Home

Generally, children are not encouraged to bring toys or personal items from home to school, but it's probably OK to put a small item that reminds your little one of home in her backpack (check with the teacher first). Tell her she mustn't take it out, but it will be there for her to look at if she starts to miss you.

Beyond Basic School Supplies -- A Change of Clothes

Even kids that have been potty trained for years still have accidents, especially if they are in a new situation or are anxious about using the bathroom in a place they aren't yet familiar with. Also, let's face it -- preschool can be a messy place between the paints, clay and other assorted fun activities your child will be participating in. So stick a weather-appropriate change of clothes in his backpack. The teacher will appreciate it and your child will be less embarrassed if the situation arises.

Teacher-Specified Preschool Supplies

How to be a great class parent
How to be a great class parent. Russell Illig

These can run the gamut -- art supplies (make sure they are washable!), a folder for papers, pencils, etc. Even if the school doesn't ask for a folder you may want to include one to hold any important notes or papers your child will inevitably bring home.

A Box of Tissues or Baby Wipes for the Classroom

Even if these aren't requested, they will always be welcome!

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