Prescription Assistance Program for Diabetes Management

Getting Help with the Cost of Diabetes Supplies

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Regardless of whether the economy is thriving or struggling, there are always people with diabetes who cannot afford the necessary supplies. They may be without health insurance or may have inadequate coverage to pay for a glucose meter, test strips, insulin or other medications. As you probably know, diabetes is an expensive condition to manage and the chronic nature of the disease means that expenses are never-ending.

But there is some good news for people who need help. Many companies that manufacture diabetes-related supplies and medications do have patient assistance programs (PAP). The purpose of PAPs is to offer some assistance with lower cost (in some cases no cost) supplies and medications to those individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria. Your physician will typically need to be involved in the process to verify your need and write a prescription.

Though PAPs are not intended as a permanent means of obtaining diabetes supplies and medications, it can be helpful in the short term until a person regains employment or secures insurance coverage.

The American Diabetes Association has a list of pharmaceutical company PAPs that you can contact directly to learn how they can help with your needs.

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