Great Chore Chart Ideas and Tips for Your Teens

How to Keep Teens on Task with Chore Charts

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Getting teens to help around the house and keeping them on track can be a daunting task. To help, here are some of the best resources and ideas for parents who want to learn how to how to keep their teens on track when it comes to chores and family responsibilities with as little resistance as possible.

Top Teen Chore Charts and Checklist Resources

Teen chore charts are a useful way to keep teens from getting frustrated.

Often the hardest part of a chore is remembering that it needs to be done. That's where a good chore chart comes in.

Teens are no different than adults in this respect as they have busy lives too. When a teen is dealing with high school issues, homework to do, and friends to stay up-to-date with, adding one more thing to remember can be the breaking point and create a stressed-out teen.

Chore charts not only help your teen from getting stressed, they aid your teen in getting the chore done, which will keep you from becoming stressed. Cool, right?

1. Tips for Keeping Teens on Track with Chores

Teenagers may balk at the idea of having a list of chores or household responsibilities at first, but it is important to discuss your expectations with them. Here are some great tips for getting started.

2. Chore Charts for Older Kids and Teens

This resource will help you create and print a themed chart that you can hang on the fridge or wall to help remind your teen of the chores they need to take care of.

There are five different chore chart approaches you can try. Once you know which direction you're going to go, you then add your own title to the chart and customize the row and column headings. Choose a picture for the top of your chore chart from a variety of themes.

3. Teen Chores Contract

This resource is a printable contract that you can use with your teen when you want to give a clear message about which chores should be done by your teen and how you would like to see them completed.

Sometimes clear communication with your teen is best approached both in writing and with conversation. Just remember that this contract doesn't replace a face-to-face conversation about your expectations for your teen!

4. Ways to Stop Battling with Your Teen About Chores

Sometimes keeping your teen on track isn't the major issue - it's getting them to understand and appreciate your expectations for them when it comes to chores. If you feel like your chances of getting your teenager to make their bed or unload the dishwasher without a struggle are fairly slim, you’re not alone. Chores are one of the biggest sources of conflict in many families' households. But never fear, the ten strategies in this article help you make sure that the chores are done, and without all of the arguing.

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