Problems With and Removing Ear Wax

Child Gets Hearing Aids
Child Gets Hearing Aids. Photo: China Photos / Getty Images

Ear wax can be a problem for many people with hearing loss. What kind of problems are caused by ear wax? How can you remove ear wax? What experiences have other people had with ear wax? get the answers to all of these questions through these articles on

Ear Wax Build Up

Ear Wax Buildup with Hearing Aids
Did you know that the buildup of ear wax in the ears of a an earmold user (e.g. someone with a hearing aid or cochlear implant) can cause problems?

Help for Ear Wax Buildup in Child
In this blog post, a mother asks for help with the buildup of ear wax in the ears of her child.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Treatment and Removal
Learn about ear wax, how normal it is, and about removing ear wax.

How Did You Deal with Ear Wax Problems?
Learn about the problems other visitors have had with ear wax, and how they dealt with it.

Ear Wax Removal Hurts
Having ear wax removed can hurt some people, as discussed in this blog post.

Removing Ear Wax Through Ear Candling
Ear candling is one of the ways that some people believe you can remove ear wax. But, is it safe?

Your Ear Candling Experience
Have you tried ear candling and did it work? readers share their experiences with trying ear candling to remove ear wax.

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