Professional Association Websites

Professional Associations can assist you with career management in many ways. They can provide continuing education, job postings, networking opportunities, and professional certifications. This list will help you quickly access the association or society website for your current or desired role in healthcare.

Most of the sites are accessible to everyone, and some sites, or parts of the sites, require membership to view.

American Medical Association - AMA

Lt. Governor Receives Award from the American Medical Association
Most physicians are members of the AMA. This site provides medical information, career information for physicians and allied healthcare professionals, and more.


American Nursing Association (ANA)

Information for nurses of all types and career levels.


American Association of Nurse Practitioners

This group is specifically for NP's only.


American Association of Medical Assistants

This site contains comprehensive information about Medical Assistants (MA's), Certified Medical Assistants (CMA's) including information on how to prepare for the certification exam, and how to find an accredited training program.


American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion

Perfusionists are the people who operate the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery or other serious operations.


American Society of Echocardiography

Echocardiographers are allied medical professionals who work with cardiologists to help diagnose and measure heart problems. You may be familiar with the test as an EKG. Learn more about this exciting career on the society website.


Society of Medical Diagnostic Sonography

Sonographers operate ultrasound equipment which helps doctors to view internal organs, and unborn babies, to diagnose potential problems or abnormalities.


American Physical Therapy Association

Physical therapists work with patients who have recently been injured or who are recovering from surgery to help them regain full range of mobility.


International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technicians

Rad techs assist physicians (radiologists) by operating equipment including x-ray, MRI, and CT scans, to see inside patients' bodies, and diagnose internal issues throughout the body and brain.

International Medical Interpreters Association

If you speak English and Spanish, or English and another language, and are comfortable with medical terminology, you could be a medical interpreter. This international association provides additional information.


American Pharmaceutical Association

This association is primarily for pharmacists, but also could be a resource for pharmaceutical representatives, pharmaceutical technicians, as well as physicians.


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