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Mass-Marketed Bargain Treadmill Brand Appeals to Walkers

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill
ProForm Power 995i Treadmill. Courtesy of

The ProForm treadmill brand is produced by Icon Health and Fitness. Icon is one of the largest fitness equipment producers in the world. The ProForm line is composed of lower-priced treadmills in general, but they also have some higher-priced models. You often will see them sold at a mass market retailer such as WalMart and Costco. These retailers will often carry models at various price levels from $500 - $1200.

ProForm Treadmill Quality:

ProForm packs their treadmills with features such as the iFit workout system, treadmills with a built-in videoscreen, Android browser and Google Maps, treadmill desks and more. But buyers should check the motor power to see if they are really getting a bargain. When selecting a treadmill in any price class, give greater consideration to the one with the better motor. It is worthwhile to buy a lightly-used treadmill with a higher horsepower motor rather than buying a new treadmill with a motor of less than two horsepower for the same price.

2016 ProForm Treadmill Models:

The following ProForm Treadmill models are listed as of September, 2016.

Bargain ProForm Treadmills Under $1500: These treadmills all have a minimum of 2.5 horsepower continuous duty motors, which is a good amount of power for use at home by one or two people.

  • ProForm Performance 400i
  • ProForm Peformance 600i
  • ProForm Power 995i - rated a best value home treadmill by
  • Proform Power 795
  • ProForm Power 1495 - Well rated by
  • ProForm Pro 2000: and give this treadmill a top rating in its price category. Consumer Magazine rated it a Best Buy.
  • ProForm Pro 5000 - 2016 model, introductory price just under $1500.
  • ProForm Premier 900
  • ProForm Sport 5.0 - 2016 Model
  • Proform Sport 7.5 - 2016 Model
  • ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill: Well-rated by It has decline of up to -3% as well as incline of up to 12%. This model is on closeout.

Mid-Priced ProForm Treadmills Over $1500

  • ProForm Pro 9000
  • ProForm Premier 1300
  • ProForm Boston Marathon 3.0: Well-rated by It has up to 20% incline so you can feel like you're climbing a mountain.
  • ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0: Women's Health magazine rated this treadmill well. It has -6% decline as well as 20% incline to experience both uphill and downhill.

ProForm Treadmill Reviews:

The Treadmill Doctor authors have insight into how well home treadmills stand up to use. Their ratings often rank now-discontinued models, which can be helpful when researching a used treadmill but may not be helpful for current models. For 2016, they say ProForm treadmills under $1000 are probably acceptable for walkers, but not for runners. Since Treadmill Doctor services treadmills, they report that Icon's service of their own treadmills has improved and they do fewer repairs for their brands, such as ProForm.

They rate various ProForm treadmill models as good choices in the lowest price ranges under $1000. The ProForm Pro 2000 is their winner in the $1000-1299 range. The ProForm Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 as a runner-up Best Buy in the more-expensive category. They rate the ProForm Pro 9000 as the top Best Buy for folding treadmills and give the ProForm Pro 7500 fourth place in that category They rate the ProForm Thinline Desk Treadmill as the best desk treadmill.

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