Prone Press Up - Advanced Beginner's Version

Prone Press Up for Spine Problems

Prone position
Prone position. drkskmn

For some types of spine problems,the prone press exercise up is recommended soon after starting rehab. The reason:  Placing the spine in extension, as prone exercises usually do, is known to decrease disc related symptoms.  The prone position is also ideal for working and strengthening back muscles in general.

Instruction:  Prone Press Up - Beginner's Version

But what happens after you've mastered this move?  Can you make it more challenging so you can continue to get better?

Yes, as long as doing so doesn't make for more pain or discomfort.  The best way to proceed is to add in small challenges - i.e. don't increase the challenge all at once.  (If, given your individual condition, you're not sure that upping your prone press up game will be safe and effective for you, ask your doctor and/or physical therapist before proceeding.)

Once you've been cleared for more work, try the advanced beginner's prone press up.

Advanced Beginner's Prone Press Up Start Position

Assume the start position, which is lying in good alignment on your stomach, with elbows bent and forearms placed on the floor.  

Keeping your spine aligned, press your body weight into your forearms to lift your chest, shoulders neck and head up off the floor.  Note that you do not have to go very high to make a difference; the real key is to continue keeping your spine in alignment as you go up.  Keeping your shoulders down will likely help you with this.

Prone Press Up Progression

Prone press up
Prone press up.

Next, switch the focus to your hands.  Keeping your good spinal alignment - including shoulders down - and press into your hands.  Allow that press to lift your chest, shoulders, neck and head up off the floor. Remember, a little bit can take you a long way into improved strength.  So don't overdo it.  It's more important to maintain good form throughout the entire move.

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